Finding Purpose in this Life

It all started with “what do you want to be when you grow up?” Then dreams and hopes morph into some kind of reality.


Days, weeks, and years go by and the original excitement gives way to routine living. Then it happens. There is a realization that you are missing something. You ask the question, what is the purpose for my life?

Adolphus Coors IV once described the yearning in there questions:

  • Who am I?
  • Why am I here?
  • Where am I going?

For all of my trips around the sun, I have watched countless friends and colleagues struggle with the definition of purpose in life. For some it’s not really a big deal, they just accept what there is and keep going. Others get paralyzed by the feeling of not knowing and somehow missing out.

Despite all of the gurus with self-help programs to lead you to some big revelation for finding life’s purpose, as for me, I’ve decided it all boils down to one simple truth.

I admit, my faith enters this discussion in a big way. It is the underlying foundation of my view on this topic.

You see, I believe God doesn’t make any mistakes. No, that’s all on me. While I make choices that interrupt what might otherwise be His perfect plan, He still knows why He put me here.

I have one physical body and cannot be two places at once. If I stay focused on being somewhere else, I cannot be effective right where I am now.

I have, as do you, a unique set of life experiences, that, if properly assessed and understood, give way to wisdom and experience that can benefit others. Others, who have not yet had experience, but need to know so that their way can be a brighter path.

Lastly, in God’s economy, He moves the deck chairs to be right where they should be. While you are going about living your life, handling your responsibilities, and working through your daily commitments, you are where you need to be. Every day you wake up in a particular situation, you are right where God needs you to be. Don’t waste the moment. Be alert for ways to contribute; right now, right where you are.

When I say contribute, I mean mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Be the source of energy and light right where you are.

Stop worrying about some bigger meaning or purpose. Seize the day –  Carpe Diem!

You want to find purpose? Make a difference right where you are!


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How To Increase Your Work Focus

Guest Post Tuesday 8/23/16

Today is Tuesday 8/23. This article has been submitted by one of the followers of this blog.

Goals need to be clear and solid. Rather than setting the aim of putting in a certain amount of hours work a day, make yourself a priority list for the whole week. Such a goal cuts down on getting distracted by anything and everything. At the start of each day set aside time to review your priority list, then decide what you can reasonably accomplish within the next 24 hours. Don’t be vague. Remember goals should be clear and solid, so aim for something like, ‘Today I’ll get the first two points struck-off the list’.

Set work sessions to 60-90 minute periods:

When we start to work we tend to be bright and alert, but as the time goes by this starts to fade, meaning we are prime targets to any passing distraction. Don’t leave it to chance, instead set your timer to buzz at the end of each work session. Once you hear the buzz, it’s time to take a break, before starting the next work session. Use your short break to take a walk, get a bite of lunch, or listen to some music.


Better food:

Eating better and knowing what you’re eating can make all the difference to how you feel and your level of concentration in the work place. Taking supplements with B vitamins and oils such as fish can really help entrepreneurs to stay focused.

Take a break from the world:

The world is a minefield of distractions. If you really want to avoid distractions, then you need to avoid the world! Co-workers, emails, phone calls; they are all included. Whether you need to have lock-down in your office, book a meeting room, or find another hideout, getting a quiet place to work is vital. If there are a few urgent messages that you need to care for immediately, then set something up to receive only these messages. By the way, when we say, ‘urgent messages’, we’re not talking about what time your co-workers are heading out for drinks!

41097334 - man with arms raised on a green field under beautiful sky

Set Aside Time For Distractions:

Not all distractions are enemies to work performance. It’s just that you need to know how to work them to your advantage. Firstly, think about distractions that bring you benefit, things like getting in a work-out or catching up with friends. If you are a social media fan, then schedule a set time to spend time online, but make sure you are strict about sticking to the time frame. The key is always saying to yourself, ‘I am the boss, not my distractions’.

Avoiding Distraction Is An Art That Needs Practice: If you really want to master the art, meditation could be the key; just you and your mind to avoid distraction. If meditation doesn’t tickle your fancy, then consider committing to a single-task day. At lunchtime, you have one task; eat! Don’t surf the net, reply to emails or post on your social media page. During meetings don’t mess with your phone or create modern art on your meeting notebook.

Tune In To Yourself:

Pay attention to what distracts you, and how it does so. What led up to your moment of distraction? Were you getting tired, feeling hungry or not engaging with your work? Once you have tuned into what triggers your distraction, you’ll be able to act quickly and avoid allowing the distraction to control you.


These are great, easy to remember tips for keeping focus at work and in life. If you have other ideas that work well for you, please share by commenting below. Also, you may enjoy this post from a previous date; “Are You Managing Your World?“.


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Holding Someone’s Interest Versus Getting Their Attention

What's the difference?

Leading a team requires the ability to guide and inspire interest from your people.

Interest is significantly different from attention. Loud noises get our attention, but they may not hold our interest. Here’s an example. You are sitting having a nice cup of coffee at your local green branded coffee stop. You hear a loud bang right outside. You jump to go see what just happened. That noise has grabbed your attention.

7903217 - Courtesy


You realize the barista has dropped a metal trashcan outside, right by the curb. That’s not very interesting, so you go back to your coffee. Your interest returns to the article, book or screen you were browsing when the bang happened. Now, both your attention AND your interest are focused on the prior content you were viewing.

Only Two Things

Lots of things get our attention daily. However, it has been said there are really only two things that hold our interest.

  1. A Problem we have and don’t want
  2. A Result we want but don’t have

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Internal Transparency – Five Tips You Can Use Today

Guest Post Thursday 8/18/2016

Here’s another in my continuing series of guest post articles, for your enjoyment.

In the workplace, internal transparency can help employees feel empowered and engaged. Unfortunately, employers (and managers) often find it difficult to know what information to share with their employees and what information to withhold. Internal transparency will depend on the size, complexity and culture of the organization. The following five tips will help you determine and adopt a healthy internal transparency.


Communication - Courtesy

Communication – Courtesy

Communication of Company Goals, Values and Mission Statement.

Each employee should understand the mission statement, the values and the goals of a company. Employees cannot work effectively without understanding the purpose, mission, values and goals of the organization. Should any of these change, management should ensure each staff member knows and understands these changes.

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5 Ways to Avoid Convenient Excuses

As we go through this life, things happen to us and around us. Often there is a call to accountability. Sometimes that call is obvious and loud, for example when the boss is really mad. Other times the call is quiet.

Those of us with any moral conviction at all tend to offer an answer when one of those calls for accountability arises. However, if you are like me, you can be guilty of occasionally offering excuses rather than true, accountable explanations. To be an effective and respected leader, you must fight the temptation to give excuses.


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Don’t Sabatoge Your First 100 Days

For anyone who is now working in their first-ever management role, you know things can be tough. No doubt you have already made a few mistakes (at least YOU think they are). The first 100 days can be a critical phase as well as a measure of whether or not you are going to make it in the long run.

If you haven’t done these 5 things in your first 100 days, your management career is well on its way to a successful run.

New Managers

Courtesy Andres Rodriguez

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Creating a Relaxing Office Environment

Guest Post 8/11/16

Today’s guest post explores the significance of creating the right work space.

A relaxing office environment allows you to think clearer, be more productive and get more done and here are some tips on how to create one.

Open working environment

Open working environment

Allow Employees to Personalize Their Space

Offices are often boring and bland. This can hinder creativity. One way a company can remedy this situation is to allow employees to personalize and customize their work spaces. Personalization can include things such as family photos and artwork. Customization includes allowing different workstations and chairs to be used in the work area. By allowing your employees to create a personalized space, you are fostering the idea of community rather than just a job.

Creating Common Areas in the Workplace

Oftentimes, offices do not have common areas where employees can mingle with other employees. This can cause employees to stay in their office most of the day, which can hinder creativity and job satisfaction. By creating a number of common areas, you can combat this and foster a sense of community and interaction among employees.

Motivational Imagery in the Office Place

You can enhance the vibe of your company by using images that align with your company ethics throughout your office. Using these items will help create a sense of purpose among your employees. You may want o use artwork that reflects the goals and values of your company. Additionally, hanging beautiful artwork makes the office space feel more homey and enjoyable.

Add Fountains

The sound of water is one that can really make such a difference to a space and adding one to your office can be a fantastic addition. These beautiful water features and fountains from Soothing Walls provide this and are also a beautiful showpiece.

Creating Multiple Work Environments

Employees report that it can be very stressful to feel like they are chained to their desk. By giving your employees the freedom to move around you can help improve the morale of your employees. You can include a variety of work surfaces, such as standing desks and couches. Another way is to create different rooms with different lighting to create ambiance and improve worker productivity. Oftentimes, a simple change of location can inspire fresh ideas to help solve a problem.

36672925 - spacious work environment in a modern office with work stations at a long table overlooked by a large glass window with views of the sky


Provide Locations to Recharge

You can improve worker productivity by offering them a place to get away and recharge. This area can be filled with bean bags where no electronics are allowed. Include relaxing features, such as soft lighting, plants and a small, trickling water fountain to create a stress-free location.

Quiet Spaces within the Office

Some employees may not be able to cope with an open office setting. Those that need to focus on their work may need a quiet space to complete their work. Create quiet work spaces that are marked as do not disturb areas. This will allow your employees to focus on their work without being bothered with phone calls, emails, and employee interaction.

Use Aesthetics to Cultivate a Sense of Relaxation in the Office

Did you know that natural light can keep employees happy and more productive? Incorporate as much natural light into the office as you can. Additionally, the colors in the office can affect employee morale and productivity. In relaxation zones, use muted colors. Save bright colors for creativity zones in the office.

Question: What has your company done to provide the best work environment? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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The Heck It’s Not Personal

A young aspiring candidate enters the office of the hiring manager. Time is set to do a job interview. The usual formalities are exchanged along with a little small talk.



“Have a seat” says the senior. The questions begin. Things are moving along pretty well, then oops. Something is said by the candidate that seems to spark a reaction from the interviewer. A bit of a tantrum ensues. The manager collects himself, then utters the immortal words “it’s not personal.”

“The heck it’s not personal, there are only two of us in the room” thinks the candidate.

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The Finest Explainer Video Company Knows That Less is More

Guest Post Tuesday 8/9/16

In my continuing series of guest posts, this week we look at ways that video can enhance your message. One common approach is to create the “explainer” video where you simply explain a service or program. Here is the article by my guest blogger AgainStudios.


Explainer videos or also known as explanatory videos are now being used by some of the most successful online brands of the world. What could be behind this hot trend? Well, it is because these videos are proven to be powerful tools for digital marketing that can be used for educating, informing and visually presenting your product or business easier and faster compared to written texts. And in this fast paced world, it could make a big difference between getting lost in the crowd or getting ahead.

When Less is More

That old adage of a picture painting a thousand words is as equally applicable to today’s animation world as it was for Helen of Troy many centuries before. The truth is, for the longest time, imagery has been recognized and accordingly used as a powerful tool for propaganda. Even the simplest of images can effectively portray colossal concepts to an extensive spectrum of individuals. This is something that content might find hard to achieve no matter how well written it was. The big plus is that explainer videos created by a trustworthy animated explainer video company can get plenty of information across in a matter of a few seconds, offering the best platform for business to get their message across effectively and quickly.

Cold and Hot

You are excused if you think that these explainer videos are just one those latest trends of today and will soon become cold potatoes tomorrow. In reality, the use of imagery, either moving or not, to get to the masses is by no means a new thing. The biggest change is that the newest advanced digital technology transformed the world of film and animation and made it accessible to the public. In fact, even the smallest businesses can already afford some air time. Videos are easy to share, with the web crammed with various social networks that are mostly free. For sure, you have seen and heard of viral videos. Come up with great videos and soon, your business will surely reach millions of people in weeks or days.

Strike the Perfect Balance

Technology is for sale and everyone can make the most out of it. Even teens and kids can use Photoshop these days. This could be the reason why many small businesses simply choose to create and design their own explainer videos. However, the main downside here is that without marketing and design experience, what you consider cute might not be cute in the eyes of an attentive audience. If you like to be sure that your explainer videos will be concise and clear, since less is more as mentioned above, you will need the help of a professional video company. Too short or too long, the balance should be a good one. if you don’t have any idea what you are doing, the video can turn out as nothing more than a glorified PowerPoint presentation.

Explainer videos are definitely a great way to quickly present key messages to your target audience.