Get Off Your Buts…


Yes, I spelled that right. One of the most powerful words is BUT. It has far reaching impact on several levels; most are not good. Individuals who achieve the most in this life seldom give in to BUT; they stay off their BUT.   Personal Reflection On a personal level, BUT gives us convenient excuses. […]

Hitting Bottom Isn’t Always Bad

How do you handle adversity? Being on top has its own way of humbling you from time to time. Leaders face an ever-present force that can turn in just a moment. Wile E. Coyote, the trouble plagued foil of the Roadrunner cartoons, was always taking a fall from a bad idea. His ventures usually hit […]

The Great Leadership Debate: Nature vs Nurture

Leadership - Born or Bred

Visit the best business schools on the planet and you are likely to hear a robust debate about the virtues of leadership. The central question is whether great leaders are born or bred; nature versus nurture. One theory argues that true leadership is an inborn trait that few possess. The other (and prevailing thought) is […]

Attraction: A Leadership Yardstick

Leadership attraction

If you think of yourself as a leader, the first test is who are you attracting? Leaders attract followers. A real leader has a following. People are wired to follow something or someone. It is natural to want to pay attention to someone whom we respect and admire. I’m not talking about celebrity status (although we […]

Leaders – Do You Still Fear Rejection?

Rejection – Does hearing the word strike fear? Do you fight the thought of rejection when you launch new ideas or need to ask your Board or your CEO for something? Have you ever let your thoughts about being rejected keep you from ever asking a question or taking action? Even at the highest levels […]