A Brand New Leadership Tool: Grace

Are you a giver of grace?

A colleague reported to me attending a seminar and hearing a very experienced COO make a presentation about “grace management”; adding grace to your management and leadership repertoire. This topic seldom gets mentioned in any Top 10 list of attributes for managers. I love the idea of coaching and teaching about applying grace in the […]

Harness The Power of Your Mind’s Attention and Your Heart’s Affection

Two vital strengths for maximum outcome

Our spiritual leaders should guide us and inspire us. Recently, my pastor did just that by sharing a phrase that has captured my interest more than some of the other wise words from this man, Dr. John Lockhart. The phrase was: “Your mind’s attention and your heart’s affection” Dr. Lockhart attributes the context to Dr. Bruce […]

Three Simple Truths About Growth

Where is your garden?

Business leaders wanting to grow can take a simple page from the farmer’s almanac. The principles were taught in science class. For thriving growth you need fertile soil into which your roots can reach deep. You need the right amount of water and you need sunlight. Let’s break these down into practical applications. Fertile Soil […]

What Did You Get for Valentine’s Day?

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. I was stunned to learn that over $13.2 billion, yes BILLION, gets spent on Valentine’s Day. Between cards, candy, and roses, more than half of the population of the United States receives or gives something on this day. Wow, that is a lot of love. Showing someone close to you that you […]

Does Business Have You Chasing Your Tail?

Ever watch a cat or dog chase their tail? To be sure, it is quite humorous. The real question is when was the last time someone watched you chasing your tail? As I reflect on various chapters of my life and as I hear friends and colleagues share various experiences from theirs, it strikes me […]

10 Things I learned About Life and Business from a Single Mom

I was raised as the only child of a hard working single Mom. In my formative years, she taught me so much about life and business. Truthfully, I didn’t know that’s what I was learning until the day came for me to enter the business world. Then, moment by moment, as the tests and trials […]