Do you suffer from Bright Shiny Objects?

Bright shiny objects distract us right? Too many leaders suffer from an occasional bout of BSO Syndrome, chasing bright shiny objects. A leader’s focus must remain clear. What are some bright shiny objects?  I am not talking about material things, although those certainly can distract. I once knew a CEO who had a large 10 […]

Stuck Right Now? Here’s How to Get 3 Levels Beyond

Are you feeling stuck. It’s like walking in quicksand. You can’t make any forward progress. We’ve all been there before. This feeling is a common event in most people’s lives. As the chapters of life unfold, there are moments when everything seems to just get stuck and you start to lose the vision of the […]

Leadership: Are You Inbound or Outbound?

In the fast paced world of Internet marketing, there are two distinctly different approaches. There is inbound and outbound. Management and leadership has these same two dimensions. Outbound marketing is the traditional approach we all know where companies try to push their message, putting up posters, banners, signage, sending phone messages/dialers, and very forward efforts […]

“Helping Your Rising Stars Shine”

I’ll be presenting this session to attendees of the 2017 Gulf Coast Symposium HR Issues

Join this session to gain a clear and measurable process for helping new, first-time managers make successful transitions from doer to leader. Any business executive who struggles with appointing new managers can use this information to define a program for helping these new superstars shine. Most companies may have a high potential program, but they fail to address common challenges faced by all new managers.


Date: May 11, 2017—May 12, 2017
Time: 2:45 p.m.
Event: HR Houston - Gulf Coast Symposium
Topic: "Making Your Rising Stars Shine"
Sponsor: HR Houston
Venue: NRG Convention Center
Public: Public
Registration: Click here to register.
More Info: Click here for more information.

Are you really a “people person”?

When was the last time you heard someone say “I am a people person”? Candidates for various management jobs often describe themselves as a people person. What is that exactly? I have a friend who is an HR professional. He tells me the response they use is “Oh good. If you are a people person, […]

Leadership: Too Big to Do Right?

As a business writer it is just waaaayyy too easy to take a swipe at United Airlines right now. I’ll let the other writers do more of that. The situation we have all watched unfold at United is indicative of a host of leadership issues and the colossus that is a company the size of United. […]