Mastering Delegation of Authority


Learning how to delegate authority is a challenge all leaders share. Do you do it well? This is a common question. Delegation can be a delicate and scary moment for managers who are not comfortable with that dynamic. The scope for delegation changes as you move up the organization. Leadership that wins influence must know […]

The Ultimate In Leadership Is Coaching Your Team

But We Need to Debunk Learning Styles

Learning Styles Debunked

The best leaders are coaches for their followers. Leaders who have amassed big followings impact their people by providing inspiration through coaching. Yes, there is the charismatic leader who mobilizes huge crowds, but the leaders who really make a difference are those who coach their followers to great achievement. They invest time and energy in […]

The King of Leadership Fails

Executives, managers and entrepreneurs fail for many reasons, but there is one undisputed King of Fails; the Boss who cannot recognize the key talent on his/her own team. Littered across the job change landscape are thousands of very sharp and gifted people who were basically ignored by their boss. These disheartened souls choose to find a new […]

Having Intentions Vs Living Intentionally: What’s the Difference?

There is a big difference between having intentions and living intentionally. Our intentions are our thoughts about what we should and shouldn’t be doing. Some think about it as choices. We are faced with dozens of choices every day — some little, some big; from whether to choose a salad or a chocolate sundae for […]

Finding Good Fit

Companies spend a lot of time and money trying to identify “good fit” during their hiring process. Candidate selection is driven by the magical, mystical notion of making a good fit decision. Clearly the first step usually involves matching job description requirements with the candidate’s stated background experience. Right away, the matching process starts to […]

Leaders: Making the Best of Change Management

4 Steps to Remember

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Though first recognized as a management discipline in the 60’s, change management (CM) is a discipline that rose in prominence in the 90s. I share a bitter-sweet experience with formal change management protocols. Being a pragmatic and common sense kind of guy, my best work has involved making complex things simple for everyone around me […]

A Mentor’s Greatest Lament

It’s easy to find a lot of talk about mentoring; being a mentor, using a mentor, and growing from mentorship. One of my most popular posts was about being a stepping stone. Mentors come in many varieties. Anyone who’s been through some form of higher learning has probably been influenced by a teacher or professor. […]

Managers: Visionary vs Dreamer

Which are you?

Business leaders come in many different shapes and sizes. There are styles and methods. Some have a natural charisma and some not. Despite there being so many legendary leaders with so many different approaches to their individual commitments, I find one common thread. That thread is vision. Having a visionary capacity is far different from […]

Leadership Succession Planning at Its Best

You have to have heart

In any organization, senior leadership fails if there is no succession plan. Whether a large international conglomerate or a simple mom and pop venture, passing the torch is vital to long term staying power. Part of succession planning is not merely naming those next in line, but it involves grooming and nurturing for handing off control. […]

Seen Any Red Flags Lately?

Here's How to Recognize Them and Burn 'Em

What is it about red flags? You know, those subtle warning signs that a new situation is going to have problems. Whether a new relationship, a new business arrangement, or just a new possibility in our life, the first signs of a red flag should give us pause. Yet too often they don’t. Why is that? […]