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Enhanced Leadership Skills

Our executive coaching program will help you develop and enhance your leadership skills, enabling you to effectively lead your team and achieve your business goals.

Strategic Business Insights

Business advisory services provide valuable strategic insights and guidance, helping you make informed decisions and navigate challenges to drive success.

Accelerated Professional Growth

Experience accelerated professional growth, expanding your knowledge, capabilities, and network, ultimately propelling your career forward.

Meet Doug Thorpe

Meet Doug Thorpe, the visionary behind HeadwayExec* and a former CEO and serial entrepreneur based in Houston. 

As your go-to Executive/Business Coaching firm, we bring a bold and confident approach to ensuring your triumph.

(* aka The Doug Thorpe Group)

You Can Level Up with Doug

Leadership Teams for Business

Experience a leadership team that is not just successful but genuinely happy, embracing the essence of servant leadership. 

The Doug Thorpe Group specializes in Leadership Development, Team Performance, Management Training, and Business Growth/Profitability. 

We understand your industry, catering to diverse segments such as Banking, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Construction, Hospitality, and Home Services.

Are you a business leader striving to enhance your leadership effectiveness? Our documented programs guarantee results, fostering the growth and performance you desire.

Founders, Owners, and Entrepreneurs

You want to achieve clarity, focus, and growth. Break through the “invisible wall” holding you back. What positive change do you hope to see?

  • New insights, tools, and strategies
  • Top-to-bottom analysis of the business
  • Access to capital raise
  • Clear pathway to the next level
  • Improve your leadership and build team trust
  • Exit strategy planning

Corporate Executives and Intrapreneurs

Are there projects struggling to gain momentum? How could your leadership help inspire and rally people towards a common goal?

  • Establish a Leadership Framework
  • Refine your executive presence
  • Deepen your emotional intelligence
  • Build high-trust team environments
  • Grow your confidence and resilience
  • Crush your next 100 Days

Why A Business Coach Like Doug Thorpe?


Discover the unparalleled benefits of over 30 years of frontline experience in building and growing companies.

Doug Thorpe, the driving force behind HeadwayExec, witnessed the growth cycles, downturns, and recoveries of hundreds of companies. 

Now, you can harness his profound understanding of business principles and best practices for your own success.

Consider the banking industry, where Doug served alongside Texas banking legend Ben Love. Their bank achieved an incredible 64 consecutive quarters of earnings growth.

The disciplines and practices employed during this remarkable journey have shaped Doug’s entire career. Now, it’s your turn to integrate these invaluable lessons into your business strategy.

You may be interested in hiring a business coach but may not know how it works or how to identify the right one. Here are the common questions we hear:

  • What is a Business Coach?
  • What services does a Business Coach provide?
  • How much should I pay for a Business Coach?
  • Is hiring a Business Coach worth it?
  • Why do people use a Business Coach?

Get the answers you’re looking for. Become comfortable working with a business coach to facilitate growth. Download our guide and share with your team.

The "Cover Your Bases" Business Success Program

* Our performance guarantee requires business owners to meet a certain set of qualifying conditions, which we can discuss during our call. Not everyone’s results will be the same.

Success has a language. Make the language of success your own. You get a guaranteed 20% increase in your bottom line within the first 12 months or your money back. Take advantage of this opportunity! *

Company Leaders Who Have Leveled Up

Take a look at these quality brand names Doug has served with coaching and advising.

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Insightful and engaging Doug has a remarkable mix of guests with rich stories and powerful insight . He does a masterful job sharing their strengths and struggles!
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Practical and philosophical I enjoy the blend of practical guidance and space to explore the underlying philosophy of leadership. Great voice too!
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Thoughtful and deliberate As both a listener and a guest I enjoy Doug’s interview style. He thoughtfully crafts each episode with insights and curiosity. Highly recommended.
Brian Kelly
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Fantastic Podcast for Entrepreneurs! Doug is extremely knowledgeable and asks fantastic questions that result in valuable responses from his guests. Doug is as authentic as they come. I highly recommend his podast to any/all entreprenuers who are looking to take their business to the next level.
Capt. Bob W.
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Great Leadership Insights This is one of my favorite podcasts. The host Doug and his guests provide valuable insights and actionable takeaways on leadership. The content is well-researched and presented in an engaging and relatable manner. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their leadership skills.
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Real talk Doug brings on guests who bring the straight scoop to business leaders, owners, and everyone in between. Have a listen as he weaves in his own expertise to each conversation.

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