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Coaching and Advising

Get First-Hand Experience to help you build a Better Business

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Founders, Owners, and Entrepreneurs

Our Team will provide you:

  • New insights, tools, and strategies
  • New ways to get clarity on your business
  • Ways to eliminate what may be holding you back
  • Top-to-bottom analysis of the business
  • A framework to reshape the direction you need to go
  • Strategies for growth to the next level
  • Leadership to fill the gaps EOS won’t
  • Ways to improve your Leadership Team
  • Proven ways to build Team Trust
  • Growth strategies
  • Exit strategies
  • Access to capital raise

Break through the “Invisible Wall” holding you back.

Introducing the "Cover Your Bases"
Business Success Program

For Entrepreneurs and Business Owners,
We offer a guaranteed 20% increase in your bottom line
within the first 12 months or your money back.*


Corporate Executives and Intrapreneurs

You’re ready to enhance your professional impact and lead great teams. You need a trusted partner and Coach to help you:

  • Establish a Leadership Framework
    for the Leader YOU want to be
  • Refine your executive presence
  • Deepen your emotional intelligence
  • Build high-trust team environments
  • Get better clarity and focus
  • Set a new vision
  • Crush your next 100 Days
  • Grow your confidence and resilience

How do YOU want to show up?

Learn more about
"Cover Your Bases"

Meet Doug Thorpe

Doug Thorpe is a business advisor and executive coach for company owners and busy executives. For 20+ years he has helped entrepreneurs and executives find better ways to grow their businesses, achieving better results and WIN in life.



Military Officer, Banker, Executive, Entrepreneur, Board Member, Advisor, and Mentor



Delivered since 2008, helping thousands of Professionals in Multiple Industries



Experience with 16 different Industries, Small Businesses, and Non-Profits

Podcast for Business Leaders

Choose Your Path to Success

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For Your Business

If you run a business, large or small.

Doug Thorpe executive coach, having a discussion

One on One

Personal coaching for greater results.

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Mastermind Groups

Peer-to-Peer Advisory Groups

Here are a few of the quality brand names Doug has served

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Ask about our guaranteed 20% add to your bottom line in the first 12 months or your money back.*

* Our performance guarantee requires business owners to meet a certain set of qualifying conditions, which we can discuss during our call. Not everyone’s results will be the same.

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Insightful and engaging Doug has a remarkable mix of guests with rich stories and powerful insight . He does a masterful job sharing their strengths and struggles!
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Practical and philosophical I enjoy the blend of practical guidance and space to explore the underlying philosophy of leadership. Great voice too!
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Thoughtful and deliberate As both a listener and a guest I enjoy Doug’s interview style. He thoughtfully crafts each episode with insights and curiosity. Highly recommended.
Brian Kelly
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Fantastic Podcast for Entrepreneurs! Doug is extremely knowledgeable and asks fantastic questions that result in valuable responses from his guests. Doug is as authentic as they come. I highly recommend his podast to any/all entreprenuers who are looking to take their business to the next level.
Capt. Bob W.
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Great Leadership Insights This is one of my favorite podcasts. The host Doug and his guests provide valuable insights and actionable takeaways on leadership. The content is well-researched and presented in an engaging and relatable manner. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their leadership skills.
gina @ talence
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Real talk Doug brings on guests who bring the straight scoop to business leaders, owners, and everyone in between. Have a listen as he weaves in his own expertise to each conversation.

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