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People Don’t Leave Jobs – They Leave Bad Bosses

Executive Leadership

“Everything rises and falls on Leadership” ~John Maxwell

You can do more and be more! 

Business Advisor

No one has the capacity to learn it all. You need trusted advisors to guide you to growth and success.

Helping Your Leadership Grow

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to THE NEW YOU

If you’re like most of my readers, you’re already a high achiever. Your committed to making a difference by making big contributions at work, at home, or in your community. But you’re not just looking for material success. You want to do more by becoming a better leader:

Increasing your personal influence

Improving your executive presence

Building Teams with High Trust

Becoming a Visionary Leader

Practicing Servant Leadership


Become a better leader by finding clarity for who you are and why you do what you do.

Executive Leadership

One-on-One coaching for achieving measurable results.

Personal Vision Statement

Learn about our comprehensive personal planning tools and tips.

Career Transition

Making career moves? You must have a plan and a process.

Finding Results

You’re looking for long-lasting, meaningful success. And that really matters. Finding ways to make things multidimensional helps enrich the lives around you. Your work teams thrive, your family gets the attention they value, plus you find the energy and stamina to be your best. Executive Coaching can help.

But There’s Something in the Way

You want to build this enriched vision for yourself and those you love, but you can’t find the time and the focus to do it all. If you commit to one thing, you miss something else.

There are just too many plates spinning.

Too often important ones fall to the ground. Sound familiar?

Bigger still is the feeling you are somehow maxed out.

Truth is, you aren’t sure you have the capacity to do the bigger things you want to do.

Sure, you’ve had some success, but you know there is more. It feels like bumping your head on the ceiling.

You Need a Coach

A Coach is someone who can come alongside to help you plot a new course

for becoming a much better Leader; a new YOU.

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Throughout my career, I have been a student of effective and inspiring leadership. Numerous senior leadership roles and many different client opportunities have allowed me to gain valuable experiences which I now share with you. First as Commissioned Army Officer, then as a senior officer of a large and very well-managed regional bank, I gained front line leadership experience.

Later I left for the private sector where I led three different entrepreneurial start-ups grossing in excess of $150 million. Plus I founded a regional faith-based non-profit that has served over 4,500 clients. With this wide range of practical experience, I can help you get clarity with your own ideas to grow businesses and lead people.

My passion is helping clients around the globe identify and embrace opportunities to grow both personally and professionally.


“Doug is a versatile business leader and coach. He brings his rich experience and vast network of contacts to help those in need of counseling and leadership.”

“Doug uses a unique and extremely effective common sense based leadership approach designed to help people achieve their full potential while making a real difference in the world around them.”

“He combines his extensive personal and professional experience with a deep commitment to helping others—producing truly exceptional and successful outcomes.”

Coaching Resources

Visit My Blog

“Leadership Powered by Common Sense” is a collection of weekly articles on becoming a better leader.

The Uncommon Commodity

My book dedicated to new, first-time managers; providing straight-forward, been-there-done-that experience.

One-on-One Coaching

Learn more about my coaching methods, case studies, and references.


Find Your New Vision. Set Your Goals. Reward Yourself.

Executive Coaching is not fluff. You want measurable and sustainable results obtained through the implementation of well-developed principles and programs.

The coaching I provide is designed for managers and executives working in companies with revenues in excess of $20 million. I help CEOs, Owners and Senior Executives build more effective leadership teams.

Moving from manager to leader is a leap few understand. Even fewer do it well. I can fix that.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Making the Changes Today!

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