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Executive Leadership

“Everything rises and falls on Leadership” ~John Maxwell

You can do more and be more! 

Business Advisor

No one has the capacity to learn it all. You need trusted advisors to guide you to growth and success.

Helping Your Leadership Grow

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to THE NEW YOU

If you’re like most of my readers, you’re already a high achiever. Your committed to making a difference by making big contributions at work, at home, or in your community. But you’re not just looking for material success.

You want more.

Increase Your Personal Influence

Improve Your Executive Presence

Build High Performing and High Trust Teams

Become a Visionary Leader

Practice Servant Leadership

Finding Results

Business and leadership are fast changing worlds. But too often policies, procedures, and bureaucracy can slow necessary changes to a crawl, and negatively affect a company’s bottom line. You need a revolutionary approach to leadership that simplifies exactly what is needed in order to be successful. 

But There’s Something in the Way

Big successes really occur from the accumulation of small successes. However, most people don’t realize that the fastest way to extraordinary results is to be committed to the “routine of success.”

Once you understand and commit to this routine, everything starts to happen, including fast and sustainable results.

You Need a Coach

A Coach is someone who can come alongside to help you plot a new course

for becoming a much better Leader; a new YOU.

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Doug Thorpe is the creator of the popular series

“Leadership Powered by Common Sense.”

He has impacted hundreds of leaders in companies of all sizes across dozens of industries.

His down-to-earth approach to the complex business issues of today provides refreshing ideas and better clarity for Leaders wanting to be more and do more. 



We’ll begin by discussing how coaching works, planning how we’ll work together, and building a shared understanding of the results you want.


Together we’ll set specific goals for our work together, identify milestones to track progress and define the metrics to evaluate your success.


We’ll map-out an action plan that includes the activities you’ll undertake to achieve your goals, and we’ll customize our plan around your individual needs and challenges.


This is the core of our work together. We’ll meet on a regular basis to track progress, examine obstacles, and work real-time on building skills and overcoming challenges.


We’ll complete our work by making sure you’ve hit your goals, and we’ll discuss how you can continue even more growth on your own after coaching has ended.


“Doug is a versatile business leader and coach. He brings his rich experience and vast network of contacts to help those in need of counseling and leadership.”

“Doug uses a unique and extremely effective common sense based leadership approach designed to help people achieve their full potential while making a real difference in the world around them.”

“He combines his extensive personal and professional experience with a deep commitment to helping others—producing truly exceptional and successful outcomes.”

Coaching Resources

Visit My Blog

“Leadership Powered by Common Sense” is a collection of weekly articles on becoming a better leader.

The Uncommon Commodity

My book dedicated to new, first-time managers; providing straight-forward, been-there-done-that experience.

One-on-One Coaching

Learn more about my coaching methods, case studies, and references.


Find Your New Vision. Set Your Goals. Reward Yourself.

Executive Coaching is not fluff. You want measurable and sustainable results obtained through the implementation of well-developed principles and programs.

The coaching I provide is designed for managers and executives working in companies with revenues in excess of $20 million. I help CEOs, Owners and Senior Executives build more effective leadership teams.

Moving from manager to leader is a leap few understand. Even fewer do it well. I can fix that.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Making the Changes Today!

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