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With Executive Coaching you can lift the lid on your maximum potential to influence others. Make the shift from Management to Leadership, and you will discover new rewards for your team, your company, and your life.

Business Advising

Help your business go to the next level of growth and success. Learn better ways to operate your business, find hidden profits, and build better results. Learn best practices used by others to thrive.

Since 2008 I’ve been coaching already successful business managers, helping them find new levels of growth and success in their businesses and their lives. My passion for leadership started many years ago (more on that here). First in the military, then later at a large regional bank. Eventually I became a serial entrepreneur, launching five separate businesses and two non-profits. My experiences on the front line managing and leading organizations help me give you special insights, tips and ideas to change your current situation to something far greater.

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Learn what other smart Owners and Managers are doing with their Teams to get through these strange times.

I’m hosting a no-cost webinar to explain.

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bathroom remodel

Managerial Courage

We are remodeling a bathroom and are in search of the holy grail—a certain rug that we saw somewhere that we should have bought when

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leadership in a vuca world

Leading in a VUCA World

The word VUCA is really an acronym that stands for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. You would think this is a new term describing the recent events we have all faced.

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Are You Coachable?

If your current professional or personal situation is not producing the results you expect, then perhaps some coaching is needed. But before you simply engage a coach, ask yourself whether you are truly coachable.

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Manager vs Leader

When I taught Strategic Leadership, the students had to read John Kotter’s 1990 article on “What Leaders Really Do.”  Kotter was very effective in setting

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You Really have Just Two Choices

First, you can keep doing the same things, hoping for a change. Hope is not a plan. This is what the other businesses are doing.


The other choice is to take ACTION. How? By arranging a call. A call with me is for people who:

  • think you know what your future state looks like, but your not sure how to get there.
  • are not sure what the future looks like, but you KNOW there is more to it.
  • feel stuck where they are, fighting hard each day but not going anywhere.

I offer a no-cost, no obligation, discovery call so we can check our chemistry. Maybe it won’t work, but then maybe it WILL.

You won’t know without making the call.