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If you’ve followed my blog, you know I have generally come out against most conventional personality type testing. While the results of such testing can be helpful in identifying the behavior tendencies in your work team, I am always cautious about the risk that we, as managers, have for putting people in tidy little boxes.

My campaign about this phenomenon comes from years of watching the the application of these personality type testing tools being used across large workforce’s. The result tends to allow managers to “cop out” with quick answers for why certain employees behave certain ways. Every time I have been subject of such a program at work, the facilitators have been true to their profession by warning about the proper use of such testing results. Yet when the symposium is over and the test results are in, I’ve seen too many managers use the data inappropriately.

On one hand, it could be called naive on my part to suggest that NOT using these tests will resolve the problem. Quite the contrary. I do find value in subjecting yourself to the personality profiling so that you can better understand your own bent.

That said, I have been introduced to an effective, online tool that presents you with results. Before I share the link, you may want to explore their statement of methodology. They claim to have administered over 39 million tests.

Here is the FREE link

I am sharing this information as a service to aspiring new managers and anyone else interested in taking a personality test. In full disclosure, I have no financial arrangement with 16 Personalities. Our introduction came through social media. I have communicated with them to gain permission to use the content and links as you see it here.

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Take the 16 Personalities test and enjoy its results.

[reminder]Leave me a comment and I’ll share my results.[/reminder]

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