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What is a “job”?

This week at JMS I explored the origin of the word “job”. I was not happy with what I found. The most consistent references point to a French root word “gobbet”. This translates into morsel or “piece”. Hence a “job” is a “piece” of work. It struck me that it also suggests a piece of our life.

So if we start with a “piece” (job), that doesn’t sound very fulfilling. For most people, the job never is. But then I started thinking about a progression. Ok, you get past a “job” and land a “position”. Wooohoooo! You know what a position is; title, perks, rewards, expense accounts, etc. Now we’re getting somewhere. But a funny thing happens. For some, the position becomes their identity. For others, the position becomes a yoke of relentless burden. Finally, both courses usually lead to the same end; burnout and frustration.

However, there is a final and perhaps more significant stage. What about “Purpose”? Everyone I have met who seems to be living with a divine purpose usually never exhibits any of the symptoms of the other two conditions (job and position). Why? I submit to you that we are all created with a specific purpose; a slot in the puzzle of life. This is a state of being where our unique and wonderful attributes can mesh with the rest of humanity. I use the phrase “God doesn’t make any junk”. When He made you, He had a purpose.

Your challenge today is to get out of the “job” mentality, abandon the “position” mindset, and seek your true and real PURPOSE. Then and only then will you find satisfaction in the work you may choose to do.