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Management 101 – People Can Be a Pain

In business we talk a bunch about bad bosses. We all have stories of truly awful people we have had to work for at one time or another. The reasons we think of them as bad managers can take a long time to list. I get that; been there, done that, have the T-shirt.

Courtesy 123rf.com Peter Bernik
Courtesy 123rf.com Peter Bernik

However, anyone who has ever had responsibility for a team can tell you that having people work for you is one big pain. SHOCK! Most managers will never admit that. “Oh not me” they will say. “My teams are all good.”

Leadership Work-Life-Faith

Goal Setting – Moving the Chains

Sports metaphors can get tiring, I know that. However, there is one analogy  I can never get past when I think about making progress toward a goal. That phrase is “move the chains”.

1st down measurement-UCLA at Cal 10-25-08

Let me get everyone on the same page. In American football, there is an actual chain that is used to measure ten (10) yards; that’s 30 feet. The chief rule of the game is that when your team has the ball, you get 4 tries to move the ball that 10 yards. If, in those 4 tries, you move 10 yards or further without scoring, you get a new set of tries to move the next 10 yards. If you fail in 4 tries, the other team gets the ball.