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The Relationship Attraction Factors

Susan and I are blessed with five amazing young adult children, 4 of whom are married. We had just spent part of the Mother’s Day weekend in and around the relationships our kinds have grown. After the festivities, my wife and I went out for an impromptu date night.

Over dinner we were reflecting on relationships past and present.

As were strolled down memory lane about other relationships we knew, we talked about the reasons some couples were stronger than others or why some failed early. After checking my thoughts, I struck upon three common attractions between man and woman that cannot go without consideration.

These three attractions are:

  • Physical
  • Functional
  • Friendship


When couples meet, all three elements get tested and run through some sort of analysis. The presence of each part can add greatly to the success of the relationship. When any part is weak or missing, well…..

Physical attraction is legend. Mass marketing blankets us with information that stimulates and sometimes stymies the significance of the physical part of relationships. Not wanting to delve too deeply in this area right now, I am going to assume everyone understands there is a physical attraction that is in play.