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Making It Real with People, Productivity, and Profitability


Executive coaching is a growing business. It is no longer limited to Fortune 500 companies. Entrepreneurs and owners of private businesses of all sizes have turned to coaching for business and personal growth. Back in 2004, the Harvard Business Review reported that executive coaching got started in the 1980s, yet still lacked reliable information for measuring […]

Improve Your Personal ROI

How is your intentionality? Try this exercise:  close your eyes and count to 20 slowly.  Stay focused on the count and don’t allow your subconscious to do the counting. Sounds easy, right?  Now, do it again and start over every time you are distracted by another thought.  That is much more challenging for most of us. […]

GDPR and Your Privacy

This is a service announcement, not a regular blog post. If you have opted-in to receive newsletters and email from Doug Thorpe and HeadwayExec, LLC, the data you provide us is kept confidential. Your data is limited to name, email, and sometimes address or phone information. Any credit card data used to buy products or services […]