30-Second Info-Bomb

Job seekers usually get introduced to the famous “30-second commercial”. The logic is that you need a solid, to-the-point intro pitch in the event you meet someone of importance with whom you would like to connect. Further we are told that people only have 10 to 20 seconds to make a good first impression. So these worlds collide.

I have some personal issues with the canned 30-second info-bomb. First, look at the math above. You plan on thirty seconds, but first impressions get made BEFORE that time is up. OOOOPS.

Next, I’ve watched too many well-meaning job seekers get so hung up on the delivery of the perfectly choreographed and staged 30 second spiel that it becomes almost robotic. Picture any B-movie robot character with arms flaying shouting “Hi my name is Zeldorb, I am a model X93B cyborg from Romulak. I am capable of mass destruction at 300 yards with no collateral damage. etc, etc”

People don’t like this at all. Rather, we need to think in terms of making a simple emotional connection when we first introduce ourselves. And I am not talking about the weather or the color of that cool car in the parking lot. I am talking about genuine connection with the listener.  “Hi, my name is Doug. How do you like this event so far? What have you seen here that has impressed you?”

Ask them more about themselves to get the connection started. But of course, don’t pry or probe. Merely open a few doors.

Introducing the WHY.os. Learn YOUR why, how, and what that drives your passion and motivation.


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