Tough Call

5 Mistakes Most New Managers Make – And How to Avoid Them

For anyone who is now working in their first-ever management role, you know things can be tough. No doubt you have already made a few mistakes (at least YOU think they are).

Well if you haven’t done these 5 things, your management career is well on its way to a successful run.

1. Dropping the Ball –  Every business unit is organized for a reason. Granted some reasons may be better than others,  but there is a reason in there somewhere. Think of this as “The Ball”.

When you become a first time manager you never want to drop the Ball. Learn what the reason may be for your team to exist. Then lock that in to your view of your role. Get as much information as you can to fully understand this purpose.

2. Losing Confidence – You have to believe in yourself. You ego and psyche may take hits. You may feel intimidated. Just remember you were picked for a reason. Hold on to that truth.

Help your support team (friends, family etc.) understand the things you might be going through. Then ask for help from them.

3. Getting Run Down –  It may be tempting to work long extended hours just to feel like you are staying one step ahead of everything. This schedule may work in short spurts, but you need to be careful. Pay attention to your mental and emotional fatigue.

Finds ways to recharge your own batteries. Whatever your personal preference may be for rest and relaxation (walking, running, the gym, cycling, meditation, etc.), DO IT. Keep up with it.

4. Losing Balance – Similar to #3, maintaining a balance of work, life and faith is vital. Your spouse, family and friends may have to take a slight adjustment of their expectations from you because you are trying to make the new job work. Just don’t take them for granted and don’t make that adjustment period too long.

As soon as possible, get back into balance. Make all the adjustments that need to be made, but try to resume your quest for balance before it is irreparably lost.

5. Never Asking for Help –  No one can know it all; especially not when you are hit with a new responsibility. There will be new demands placed upon you. There is no need to act like you “got this”. Somewhere, somehow, there will be things you need to ask others.

Use a mentor, coach, trusted adviser…somebody you can turn to for advice and wisdom.

Question: What other mistakes have you experienced?

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