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Adversity and Leadership-Are Leaders Born or Made?

‘Are leaders born or made?’ is a question often asked whenever there is any debate regarding leadership.

Seeing the examples around us, of people coming from humble backgrounds and see them raising to success makes us believe that leadership is a skill that can be learned. Anyone can be a leader if nurtured in an environment that instills in him/her the confidence, consistency, power to make decisions, and the adaptability that is required of a leader.

Leadership is not a trait or something that is in your genes, it is a skill that anyone can master upon by focusing on polishing one’s persona. In the world of marketing, good leadership is a force that attracts customers and branding agency, thus, resulting in the success of the business venture.

Whether it is business, sports, politics, or any other domain of life, a set of a few skills, experience, and self-development are required to become a successful leader. No matter how intelligent or charismatic your personality may be, it is of no use until you are skilled at dealing with the issues within the particular domain you are working.

Here are some tips that support the idea that ‘leaders are made’ and will help you polish the leadership skills that are vital to your success:

Bringing Vision to Reality:

To be a true leader it is important to have a clear vision and goal. You cannot start working in a vacuum unless you are aware of what you want to achieve. Having a definite goal is not just helpful for the leader but also for the entire team.

It gives you a clear direction on how to reach your goal.

To lead a team, it is essential for you to fully understand and execute your plan. For this matter, firstly make list a list of things required to achieve your goal. Make sure to design an easily achievable plan.

The next step is to convey it to your team with clarity and be open to suggestions. To be a good leader it is necessary to keep your team on board because you cannot do everything all by yourself.

Adaptability and Responsibility:

Adaptability is key to deal with the unplanned hurdles with patience. For a good leader, adapting to the changes is vital to be successful. Adaptability allows you to make informed decisions timely.

Besides, your ability to change as per circumstances is what makes you a reliable leader, thus winning you the confidence of your team members. Change is the only constant in life, and it makes you decisive. The key to adapt to change is, always be prepared for it!

Likewise, a leader should be able to take responsibility for the success or failure of the entire team because being a leader is to ensure that you are willing to accept whatever the consequences of your efforts are. 

Being an Influencer:

Your success as a leader is not just dependent on your intelligence, your persona is what makes people follow your leader. You can work on polishing your speaking skills to create an inspiring aura and make people understand and be attracted to your leadership.

Besides, being compassionate and willing to listen to what to hear have to say makes you your personality alluring. Practice well to refine your thoughts and to convey them effectively. It is easy to build a team, but it is a real struggle to keep everyone on board like a family who is willing to put in their best efforts to head to success as a whole.

Moreover, be selective with your outfit choices as we all know everyone is easily inspired by appearances. Do not go for heavily embellished or highly expensive outfits. Rather wear solid colored and slim fit dresses as they make you look more confident and organized. 

If a person is nurtured in an environment that allows people to explore their selves, be free in their thoughts and enlighten them with the skills mentioned above, we can surely make a successful leader.

Just as a poor do not remain poor until he works hard, a common person can transform into a great leader if he/she works on their self-development with consistency and motivation.

Having a motivation to be successful and leave your mark in this world is what leads you to the summit that you dreamt of, as we all believe in the cliché ‘hard work is the key to success’. 

This article was submitted by William Roy.

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