Are You a Cool Breeze or a Fog Machine?

Workplace conduct always has its ups and downs. Personalities of all shapes and sizes interact, presumably to accomplish some common goal. Yet as each new day unfolds, there are extreme ends of the spectrum that are worthy of our consideration.

First the Cool Breeze…these are the people who find the positive in most any circumstance. They seek first to understand before being understood (ala Covey). These good folks look for solutions to problems as they arise versus becoming the problem. Whoever invented the phrase ‘thinking outside the box’ had these souls in mind. With these people on the team, you can enjoy a renewing energy each and every day. They bring positive outlooks and smiling faces to the task regardless of how difficult or taxing the chores may be.

Then The Fog Machine…these are the personalities who look for ways to obstruct and/or derail a project. Eor in Winnie the Pooh had nothing on these guys. Chicken Little looked like an optimist compared the dour and sour attitudes voiced by the fog machines. Why fog? Because that’s what they bring. Their attitudes and opinions fog the clearest of days and make seeing the goal line almost impossible. Too much energy gets drained pushing out the fog.

Funny thing is, we have a choice each day to be either personality. What shall you choose?

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