Are You a Happy Pig?

No, not trying to be mean. Yesterday I shared with my audience at JMS, the story about the “Pig of Happiness” by Edward Monkton. This is a short story written and illustrated as a gift card, but the storyline is profound. It is about a pig who decides to stop being like all other pigs. He chooses to become happy. When all the others around him are fussing about the weather, their conditions, and life in general, he decides to be “happy” instead. He goes about spreading this light among all the barnyard animals. Pretty soon a funny thing happens. The whole barnyard gets happy. Things make a huge turnaround.

As simple as this story is, it reflects a serious lesson for all of us. Whether you are employed or unemployed, there is a choice you can make daily. Do you choose to be happy or not? Circumstance and bank account should never impact true, real happiness. We CAN be happy regardless of the situation. Are you a happy pig?

Oh and by the way, once you make your own decision for happiness, did you know it attracts others? Try it out for a while and see what you find.

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