Managers and Business Owners...

How do you get all your employees on the same page?

Do you struggle with priorities and deadlines at work? Is your team doing what you need them to do?



BIG 5 is the new disruptive way to get eveyone on the same page

Do you hate doing employee performance reviews?  

Are you planning on replacing your performance evaluation system this year?  

Do performance reviews help or hurt your organization?

These are just a few of the questions that haunt managers and employees. 

Welcome to BIG 5 Performance Management

When people talk about reviews, here are some of the findings:  

  • Over 85% of companies say that their current performance management processes are only “moderately effective.”
  • Only 50% of employees believe that their managers provide them with honest feedback that actually improves their job performance.
  • Managers spend, on average, 400 hours per year on the process! The return-on-investment for that time is very low. Most participate in the process “because the Human Resources department requires it.”

So why do we continue, year after year, with this outdated, tedious, and questionable process? Probably because we have not had any better alternative… until now!  

Let me introduce you to the Big 5 Performance Management program.  

This innovative process has been tested in multiple corporate environments for the past fifteen years. It is not just limited to human resources professionals or upper-level management. It is for every employee who may not know how to prioritize their work; calculate the value they bring to their organization; or communicate that value to their management.  

It is for front-line supervisors and managers who struggle to effectively align the efforts of their team members; are not always comfortable with confrontation when coaching employees; and dread the thought of having to prepare one more round of annual performance appraisals.  

It is for companies and organizations looking to build a more effective, accountable, and inspired workplace by improving processes and eliminating waste. Finally, performance assessment that works!  

If this is something you want to explore, just arrange a free, no obligations call. We can discuss your organization and talk about ways Big 5 can help you!  

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Big 5 Performance Management

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Cloud Based Access 24x7

Your employees and managers can fill in their reports anytime, anywhere


More Consistent Accountability

Monthy reports let you and your employees collaborate on accomplishments and priorities

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Better Coaching Opportunities

Improved employee engagement and opportunity to touch base

Learn more about the companies who are using Big 5 and the amazing results they experience.

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