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team manager talking to team

Leaders Getting It Right

Over the last couple of months, I’ve had the pleasure of watching a manager guide his team through a very successful series of events and opportunities. The way he has mastered the leadership of his interesting group has just been amazing to me. I’ve watched them overcome great obstacles, some

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Next Level, New Devil

As people go through life’s journey, there is often wonder about why new chapters create new challenges. If you are on some kind of career path, you work hard at one job only to get moved to another. The success you build in one role usually involves overcoming various issues.

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tall poppy

Ever Hear of the Tall Poppy Syndrome?

The Tall Poppy Syndrome (TPS) is something that has been spoken of for centuries. The picture is of a field of poppies. As you look out, there will be a few poppies growing inches above the others. In society, we have tall poppies sprout up in every generation. These are

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You’re On Mute

It’s a familiar phrase that has rapidly risen to the top of our vocabulary while we attempt to engage and conduct business remotely. Zoom, Teams, Google Spaces, and Slack have risen to the top of the heap for connecting these days. Yet often as the session opens up, someone has

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Happy Easter

Happy Easter 2022

There was this man who claimed to be the Son of God. He taught a TOTALLY new way to live and introduced us to a concept called Heaven, a different afterlife than Judaism taught. He taught us that God is our Father and resides in Heaven, preparing it for us.

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SFT: A Simple Reminder for Leadership Performance

Dr. David L. Cook is a sports performance coach and business consultant who has made the phrase “SFT” famous. Leadership performance can be reduced to these three little ideas. You might know Dr. Cook’s name from a little book titled “Seven Days in Utopia”. The book was made into a

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Who Lights Your Fire?

This quote from W.B. Yeats is a great reminder for those of us in leadership roles. Let me repeat it : Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire. ~W.B. Yeats When we try to train our team or build a new product or

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opportunity and success

Don’t Let Opportunity Steal Your Success

Running a business can be hard. If you start out to turn a hobby or a special interest into a business, you will face a whole lot of challenges. Even as you start to gain momentum and create success, there will be things that can derail your effort. One of

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