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What About Thinking Both Critically and Creatively?

Talking to business leaders of all types is one of my life’s greatest blessings. I hear so many wonderful things that are happening in businesses both large and small. Yet there are things I hear sometimes that give me pause. One of those key topics is the weakness or absence

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Let the Haters Hate, Part II

Several years ago I wrote a post titled “Let the Haters Hate.” It was written in terms of standing in a role of leadership and having those around you who may or may not be directly reporting to you take shots at the things you say and do. If you’re

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Do You Have an Employment Contract, Really…

In a series of recent discussions, I was reminded of the need for one of the most basic of all employment matters. The employment contract. NO, I am not talking about an actual written, legal document, although those are handy in many situations. Rather I am talking about having a

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Procedures? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Procedures

Managers and leaders at all levels rely on process and procedure to execute scalable and sustainable delivery of the work they do. Yet from time to time, you will hear talk of being totally free-form in the operation of a business. Results speak for themselves. When you dive deep into

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Can We Apply a Broad Brush to the Remote Work Problem?

The following content was contributed by Tom Healy who is a friend, founder, and co-creator of growth10 and mentumm. Both are national organizations dedicated to leadership growth. Companies both large and small are struggling to answer the question ‘what about returning to work?’ There is simply no one-size-fits-all type answer

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What’s the Real Key to Creating Accountability?

This question comes up a lot. When you start thinking about accountability, what comes to mind? You have expectations, right? If you run a team or own a business, you want your employees to do the right things, on time, and usually at or under budget. So you set the

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May the 4th Be With You

This article is being written right before July 4th, Independence Day in America. As soon as I pen those words I am hit with a dump truck of irony. I usually enjoy writing my holiday articles where I get to reflect a bit, rejoice in the spirit of the day,

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Understanding the New Normal for Leadership

For too many decades, the word leadership meant a title and a box on an org chart somewhere. Yes, there were people who truly understood leadership and exercised it effectively, but big business managers failed, for the most part, to operate with true leadership principles. Before we move on, remember

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