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Learning to lead a fast-growing business is one of the most challenging transitions for any founder. The CEO–to–be needs an approach to leadership that is practical and flexible, yet grounded in proven practices of leadership that help him or her improve performance at every level.

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happy thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving 2022

Here’s a simple note to say THANK YOU. You are loved. I appreciate each and every one of you who follows my blog or listens to my podcast. YOU are the reason I do what I do to help equip better leaders.

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I Don’t Know What He/She Does

There are no words that ring more sadly in our work world than when a boss is asked about an employee and says those words. I know. It happened to me once. I had just completed a 19-month assignment leading a large team of professionals through a tough assignment. We

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command and control

We Need to Eliminate Command and Control

I never thought I’d say those words. Being a former commissioned officer in the U.S. Army, command and control were integral to my success. The ability to stand on the rank and position I held helped direct troop movement and engagement. Fortunately for most of those in my command, I

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Change the Climate Before You Try Changing the Culture

Recently, during a weekend of watching college football, I heard a commentator describe a situation at one school’s athletic program. Though the university is a good one, the football program had been mired for years in mediocre success, often barely rising about a 500 season (win half, lose half). Two

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6 Great Questions to Lead Your Team

Being a leader requires the ability to build rapport with your team. Those following you must have good reason to do so. Every time you have a one-on-one, you have a big opportunity to add to and build that individual rapport.

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Building the Right Leadership Foundation

If you’ve ever watched a building project, the laying of the foundation is critical. It is the foundation that sets the long-term stability of the structure. The way the foundation is dug in, reinforced, and poured or built is so important. The same can be said for your ability to

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