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Executive Leadership and Woodworking

My wife said she wanted a new kitchen pantry for her birthday. I like doing what my wife asks. Fortunately for me, ripping out the old pantry and building a

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bathroom remodel

Managerial Courage

We are remodeling a bathroom and are in search of the holy grail—a certain rug that we saw somewhere that we should have bought when we saw it but didn’t. Our

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person having a vision

Leadership, Ownership, and Vision

This week’s meeting with a client reminded me of something so fundamental in running any size of business. Don’t forget your vision. John Maxwell says the best definition of a

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one small change

A Little Change Makes a Big Difference

Change comes in many forms. Sometimes it comes when we least expect it and then later becomes the “AH HA” moment.

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leadership in a vuca world

Leading in a VUCA World

The word VUCA is really an acronym that stands for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. You would think this is a new term describing the recent events we have all faced.

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Are You Coachable?

If your current professional or personal situation is not producing the results you expect, then perhaps some coaching is needed. But before you simply engage a coach, ask yourself whether you are truly coachable.

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Manager vs Leader

When I taught Strategic Leadership, the students had to read John Kotter’s 1990 article on “What Leaders Really Do.”  Kotter was very effective in setting out different functions for leaders

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3 Circles of Leadership

Whether you own a business or work for a larger company in a management role, there are three circles of leadership you will be juggling at all times. In a

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