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business therapy

The Power of Business Therapy: How It Can Boost Your Company’s Success

Managing a business can be a rewarding but challenging task. Whether you’re an owner, entrepreneur, or executive, you understand the pressure that comes with keeping the company running smoothly. With this comes burnout, confusion, and stress that can affect not only you but also your team’s productivity and morale. That’s where business therapy comes in. Yes, you read that right

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business therapy

Business Therapy: Unpacking the Concept of Coaching for Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, launching and growing a business is one of the most challenging tasks you will ever tackle. While passion, grit, and sheer determination are all essential for success, they can only take you so far. That’s where business therapy comes in. A business coach can serve as your guide and sounding board, helping you to identify your strengths

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Power, Positioning, and Posturing – Leading a Business

If you are currently sitting in a position of authority leading a business, whether you built it, acquired it, or worked your rosy little arse off to get there, you still have choices to make every day. In order to achieve the best possible results with your business and your team, there are a few key focus areas to think

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Leaders 180 Off the Mark

Great leadership requires effective communication. Your ability to speak with a commanding voice and unshakable certainty is not the skill required.

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What is YOUR default setting?

Change Your Default Setting

Here’s a fun reminder of a critical thought from my dear friend Dave Norris. This article is a reprint of a piece Dave first debuted on his blog at davidnorrisleadership.com I consider myself somewhat knowledgeable, experienced, and advanced in the world of personal computers yet, as I was awaiting notice that a large video file was available for download, I

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nurturing trust at work

Solving People Problems by Leveraging Process

“How many people work for you?” the CEO was asked. “About half of them,” was the reply. You don’t have to be the CEO to relate. If you are a manager, project manager, business owner, or team lead, you probably find yourself regularly challenged by the differences in your team members. Some are rock stars. Others lack the knowledge, talent,

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Embracing Risk: What is Your Risk Appetite?

Leading a business involves risk. For some of us, just getting out of bed each day seems like a risk. For others, they can’t get enough of it. Being a risk taker is on the high end of the scale for entrepreneurs and visionaries. Our business culture is full of stories about famous risk-takers. Yet how we each look at

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How to Overcome Tough Circumstances

Everyone has a story. Life is hard (sometimes). We all experience something in life that makes it hard. In addition, if you look around, you will find stories everywhere of how people overcame a gutwrenching circumstance to emerge victorious, coming out the other side. Health concerns, emotional and physical abuse, poverty, poor education, bankruptcy, and substance abuse are the main

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Leaders: Are You a 2023 Contender or a Pretender?

If your desire is to be a better manager at work, at home, or in the community, you may want to develop some actual leadership skills. However, if you are already following certain leadership principles, there is always room for lifting the lid to expand your reach and influence. After many years of working with clients of all kinds, I

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Running a Business – Cover Your Bases

For those who have ventured into owning a business, good luck! I mean that seriously, not facetiously. It takes a special person to commit to becoming a successful entrepreneur. There are just so many darn details that can overwhelm you. And, once you get past the start-up phase, you turn to a growth phase. Then as you grow, you might

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Know Your Why

As human beings, we are all driven by something. Whether it’s a desire for success, a need for connection, or a passion for creativity, our

maslows hierarchy

Using Maslow’s Hierarchy to Lead Better Teams

To fully understand your team’s capability, you need to assess each individual’s needs, priorities, and motivators. This fundamental approach is why Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, a basic concept in psychology, can be a valuable tool for you to lead your team better.