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There are a lot of books and programs out there for business leaders. But not every author puts the right tools in your hands to grow the business. Powered by common sense, Doug Thorpe provides relatable advisory and coaching for today’s leaders.

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Doug Thorpe is an accomplished author, blogger, and podcast host with several books to his name. Doug is part of the conversation because he knows the conversation. Take a look at these recommended resources.

Latest Release

the exit strategy handbook

The EXIT Strategy Handbook

Essential Advice for Business Owners

In this book, Executive Coach and Business Advisor Doug Thorpe brings you his 30+ years of experience in banking and business coaching to map out a clear path for having a successful exit of your business. If you are running a business hoping to have a ‘big payday’ at the end, you need to take actionable steps along the way. But what does that mean?

In this simple, common-sense guide, Doug Thorpe reveals the key elements you need to think about. He charts the way for you to maximize your success. Whether you plan to hand down the business to the family as a legacy or find a buyer to assume control, you need a plan and a blueprint. Now you have it.

Trust at Work

Tactics and Tools for Building High Performing Teams

In this book, Doug and his co-author Roger Ferguson delve into the Team Trust Model, showing you ways to build trust and grow your team. Trust has been ranked as the #1 reason some teams perform better than others. Now you too can create a high performing team. The book includes practical tools to use with each step of the model. Released August 2021.

trust at work
The UncommonCommodity

The Uncommon Commodity

The Common Sense Guide for New Managers

In his inaugural first publication, Doug shares his passion for new managers. Helping them understand the fundamentals required to make the successful transition from sole-contributor at work to becoming a supervisor. This book has received wide acclaim with even very successful leaders taking hints, tips, and tricks from this guide to improve their own leadership abilities.

Available in paperback, Kindle and Audible

STRIVE for Job Search Success

In this book, STRIVE, Doug shares the custom program he developed while serving the needs of his community right after the great recession of 2008. Thousands were out of work and Doug founded the highly successful non-profit Jobs Ministry Southwest. Over the next 4 years, his organization helped over 4,500 professionals in career transition. Now this great program can be yours to follow too.

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team trust

Building Team Trust

In today’s volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world of business, your team needs a sense of trust to operate at their best. Recent studies show that employees count trust as the #1 factor in making the extra effort at work. Teams with high levels of trust or ‘psychological safety’ perform much better than those without it. Follow Doug’s process to teach yourself how to be trustworthy and build trust for your team. 

PodMatch Host Mastery

In this book, Doug shares the story of his podcast show “Leadership Powered by Common Sense.” He details the steps and practices he has learend to host the show, grow the audience, and get amazing guests to be on the show.


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