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Imagine having an experienced guide by your side to help boost your impact and effectiveness.

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Make the Transition from Founder to CEO

You started the business, but you’re still involved in the day-to-day. It’s time to get unstuck, stop solving every problem alone, gain clarity, and get feedback. It’s time to become a true CEO.

Introducing Business Therapy

With Business Therapy, you can get objective advice from experienced professionals who understand the challenges of running a business. We analyze where you are now, develop strategies for improvement, and help you take action to achieve your goals.



Create an engaged workforce that is motivated, happy, and willing to go the extra mile with you.



Streamline your processes to cut costs and gain more free time while scaling your growth.


Provide a valuable service or product that meets specific niche needs demanded by the market.



Establish a clear action plan geared towards increasing your profit margins and building wealth.

I call these the key ingredients of the Cover Your Bases Business Performance Playbook. Digging deep into each of these areas can uncover the thing or things that might be holding you back.

Take advantage of the opportunity to take a deep dive into your business and uncover the path to greater success. No need for a lengthy program with a lot of fluff that consumes your time. I’ve created a targeted implementation program designed for busy CEOs.

Why Doug Thorpe?

I’m an executive business coach and experienced business advisor. For more than 20 years, I have worked with established small business owners to help them scale their business and grow as a leader.

My mission is to provide you with a solid plan that helps you reach your goals quicker and easier. It starts with my unique approach to business coaching by focusing on the 4 P’s – People, Process, Product, and Performance.

Let’s talk about what’s holding back your business so that you achieve growth and mature in your CEO role.

Click here to book a consultation to learn which thing is holding you back.

Business Coaching Special Offer

When running a business, it’s easy to get lost in the weeds and caught up in the details. Everyone is looking to you to make a final decision, which can be exhausting. Sometimes you just need a fresh focus.

I’m offering a special package called Quick Focus. It’s a bundled package of 4 virtual coaching sessions over Zoom, 90 minutes each. You pick the frequency, with meetings spread out over 6 weeks.

  • We’ll review things that have you feeling frustrated, stuck, or overwhelmed.
  • I’ll work with you privately in one-on-one coaching sessions.
  • I will help you find a fresh focus for your business.
  • Dive in, solve some problems, get a new focus, gain clarity, then be done.
  • You’ll have new clarity about priorities.
  • You’ll have the tools to make the pain go away.

Lean into this opportunity to find some quick wins for what ails your business. Learn more about the Quick Focus Coaching Package.

Join a Peer-to-Peer Mastermind Group

Need to hear from more than one voice? Learning from others is often the best way to grow. Our Mastermind Groups are teams of 6 to 8 driven entrepreneurs who are committed to each other’s growth, well-being, and success.

The Groups are made up of carefully vetted founders who meet virtually for 2.5 hours each month to address and resolve each other’s critical issues, challenges, and opportunities. The results speak for themselves – when you put the right people in the room and follow the right process, it is extremely effective.

These meetings take place in a confidential, caring, and empathetic environment. We share a strong belief that extra voices of experience focused on your key issues are extremely powerful.


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Your success is our success.
That’s why we are so deeply committed to your results.

Bonus Offer: Plan More Effectively

Making change happen requires intentional effort. The best leaders run in 100 day sprints. I’m giving away my Perfect 100 Day Planning tool FREE.

Get your Free Guide for creating the Perfect 100 Day Plan

Ok! One last thing....

The investment for this 1-hour session that helps you identify your one blocker is $100.

You are a good fit for this transformational experience if:

  • You are the (Co)Founder of an organization that is in scale-up mode
  • Your organization has at least some “traction”
  • Your team is 7 or more full-time members
  • Your organization has annual revenues of at least $1,000,000