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Career Coaching

Career Transition. Outplacement.
Job Change.

Since 2008 when the Great Recession hit the U.S., Doug Thorpe has been helping professionals make career shifts. Over 4,500 people to be exact.

From that experience, Doug created STRIVE, his proprietary model for job search and career transition success.
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Get the Book. Learn the Method.

STRIVE starts with a journey to survey and explore your sense of purpose. Everyone needs to know why you are here.


As Mark Twain famously said, 

“There are two very important days in a person’s life. The day you were born and the day you figure out why.”

Using Doug’s tools, plan, and coaching, you can realize the same success thousands of others have enjoyed. Make that career move or that job change that becomes the perfect fit for who and what you are.

Case Studies

  • 20+ year career military commander retiring and moving into the private sector
  • 15+ year Oil & Gas engineer transitioning into a private consulting role, building his own company
  • 18+ year retail sales manager transitioning into a new company
  • 12+ year junior executive tapped to become VP needed a vision for the new department
  • 10+ year HR professional was selected to be CHRO and run a global HR function
  • A newly appointed Manager struggled to make the shift and get his management career started right
  • 20+ year project management professional was struggling with interviewing
  • 15+ year engineer needed help with people skills to land the next level job
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STRIVE for Job Search Success

Jump right in with STRIVE. Learn about the simple yet powerful 6 step model to guide your journey. Whether you are looking for a job change or an entire career transition,  STRIVE can be your guide. In this book, you also get a complete section on creating your own Personal Vision Statement.

Career Satisfaction Survey

As a bonus, I’m offering my free Career Satisfaction Survey.

Take a moment to download this quick and easy tool that helps you decide if you need to make a change.

You might be surprised at what you discover.

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