Here’s a Simple Test to Determine Your Career Satisfaction

Being satisfied with your current career choice is vital to your own success. Your sense of balance for work, life, and faith can hinge upon the level with which you find your job satisfying.

Far too many people live the grind; going to work at a job that has no excitement, incentive, or sense of fulfillment. Regardless of how you landed in your current gig, the routine may have taken its toll.

People who feel called to their careers are likely to find their work deeply meaningful, he says. Their personal connection with the job makes even the most trivial tasks feel significant. Often the experience of a calling comes with social benefits as well.

“It’s not just that you do the same work, but you’re the same kind of people,” says Stuart Bunderson, PhD, a professor of organizational behavior at the Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis. “It gives you a connection to a community.”

SHRM.org offers an annual job satisfaction survey that presents interesting findings every year. You can access the 2016 report here. For 2016, overall, job satisfaction is up, but not among the millennials.

If you are feeling the early warning signs that you need to make a change, don’t jump too fast. Before you waste any time searching for a new gig, here’s a little tool I am offering you FREE to help you decide where you are with job satisfaction.


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Maybe your career is the right thing to be doing, but you are worried you are doing it at the wrong company or with the wrong team.

Finding satisfaction can be hard. We all feel fulfilled and rewarded at different levels and for many different reasons.

Use this handy survey to make your own assessment of where you stand with your current job and career.

Need to Begin a Search?

If your results are on the low end of the scale, you should begin to search for a better opportunity. I also offer a free 6 step guide for organizing and planning a career change. My program is called STRIVE. It has been used by over 4,500 clients since 2008. In this six step guide you can prepare your own priorities for your purpose, your past accomplishments, and your best targets for making the change.


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If, on the other hand, your results are on the high end of the scale, CONGRATULATIONS! You have surpassed over 50% of the population who think they need to make a change.

Planning Ahead

Now is the time of year when you should start thinking about your plans for next year. If you haven’t heard about one of the best sources for personal planning and setting high goals, visit Michael Hyatt’s work. He is offering his preeminent product “Best Year Ever”. Right now you can download a free eBook that gives you tips and tricks from 30 of the greatest business and personal development thought leaders.

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