Challenging People

When was the last time you dealt with a “challenging personality”? We all have our stories about the store clerk or the person ahead of us in the checkout lane or the co-worker in the cube next door. We regale ourselves in telling these stories on and on when the audience is right.

Or do you have the ability to “challenge people” in a positive way? Can you see something amiss and graciously, politely suggest another thought pattern or approach to the situation? Can you do this in a way that people appreciate and value? The ability to help someone make a small life change is a true gift. Yet I think it is a skill we all can learn and sharpen.

1 thought on “Challenging People”

  1. Why is it that it’s not until we’re out of the store that we think of that really clever comeback, that zinger that will put that “challenging personality” in their place.

    Perhaps, if we don’t try to be so clever, but make a practice of politely offering them an alternative, that we can learn to become gracious every time.


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