wise or foolish

Choices: Wise or Foolish?

It’s funny to me how when all is said and done, life’s outcomes are a function of the choices we make. As soon as your feet hit the floor each morning, every new day becomes a series of choices. Most of the selections we can make have little or no significance (e.g. what clothes to wear, what food to eat, etc.). But in the normal course of our daily routines, we often are faced with choices that can have far reaching consequences. All areas of our life; relationships, finances, health, legal, moral, and spiritual are effected by these choices.

Further, these choices can prove to be simply either wise or foolish. There’s really not a middle ground or grey area. When you stack up a series of life’s choices, you start to paint a picture of becoming either foolish or wise. While the things that prove to be foolish ideas may be costly at the time and might have permanent consequences, you can move to become “wise” by trying to learn form the wrong choices.

If we learn something from a foolish choice and adjust our thinking for the next time we get to make a choice, then we become wise.

You have a choice: wise or foolish? Both can be seen 20/20 in the rear view mirror.

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