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Career moves

Career Advice from the Strangest Source

Executive leaders deal with making career moves multiple times in their life. There’s an old ballad sung by Kenny Rogers, called “The Gambler”. The other day a catch phrase caught my… Read more »

Leadership Gift Giving

This is the time of year when many people think about gift giving. Whether you celebrate Christmas or simply year end, gift giving is factored into the equation. As I… Read more »

8 Tips For Productive Offsites

Many organizations have now entered the fourth quarter, the home stretch. But it is also time to begin hard planning for 2017 – and that makes it offsite season. Here… Read more »

Abilene Paradox

Leadership 101: Consensus is Overrated

There are leadership theories that place a premium on gaining consensus for decisions. Unfortunately, group consensus has a psychology of its own. Just because you as the leader have gained… Read more »

Daniel Mueller on Leadership

From time to time, anyone working as a manager needs to decide whether they really are a leader. I’ve recently begun an association with a long-time executive coach, Daniel Mueller. He’s a… Read more »

flying without a net

7 Cures for Managers Flying Without a Net

Young managers, working their way up the corporate ladder often find themselves alone. As the demands of the job increase, the support systems stay static. While pressures to perform grow… Read more »

James Franco

Why Limiting Thoughts Are More Lame Than James Franco

In my experience, one of the most dangerous types of thought is the limiting thought. You know it, the little negative seed of an idea that gets planted in the… Read more »

Thanksgiving at Thirty Thousand Feet

Here are my thoughts as we move into the celebration of the Thanksgiving season here in the U.S. At thirty thousand feet, so many things seem so clear. The roads… Read more »

Having Intentions Vs Living Intentionally: What’s the Difference?

There is a big difference between having intentions and living intentionally. Our intentions are our thoughts about what we should and shouldn’t be doing. Some think about it as choices…. Read more »

Leadership, purpose

What Is “Slowly, Rarely or Never”?

That’s the answer to the question “how do people change?” There are plenty of situations in our lives and in the world around us when people want to talk about… Read more »