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7 Proven Ways Reframing Can Elevate Your Logic and Deduction Skills


You’ve read the self-help books, you’ve attended the seminars, but you’re still finding yourself paralyzed when it comes to making major decisions. Sound familiar? Well, the solution might be simpler than you think. It may lie in a process called reframing, a technique that revolves around shifting your perspective to unlock your decision-making power. “Change […]

Navigating the Formal and Informal Organization within Your Company

In every company, there are two types of organizations that operate simultaneously: formal and informal. One is officially recognized, while the other is more organic and often difficult to detect. Understanding the differences between these two organizations is crucial for managers and CEOs, as it can help them navigate complex social structures, increase communication and […]

The 5 Key Characteristics of a Successful Servant Leader

Leadership is a crucial element in any organization, but have you heard of the concept of servant leadership? This approach to leadership is becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. A servant leader is one who puts the needs of their team members first, prioritizing their growth and development as opposed to their own success. […]

Should a Leader Challenge or Disobey Orders from Higher Authorities?

Leadership is often described as the art of influencing others to achieve a common goal. Leaders are expected to have great vision, superb communication skills, and impeccable execution abilities. However, even the greatest leaders find themselves under the authority of someone else. So, what happens when a leader is given an order that conflicts with […]

How We Work – Perfect vs Imperfect

wabi sabi

There is a struggle in modern business. As people show up for work, there is a tension between forces that imply we should somehow be perfect in what we achieve, yet we know in our hearts and minds we are imperfect in many ways.

How to Align Your Family and Business for a More Fulfilling Life

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Today on Leadership Powered by Common Sense, we’re joined by Aaron Shelley, who will teach you the crucial steps to establish a shared purpose for your family and business, paving the way for a healthy work-life balance. Aaron’s journey is one of learning from both his business and personal experiences, and he’ll share his invaluable […]

Be a Coffee Bean: The Power of Positive Thinking for Leaders and Entrepreneurs

be a coffee bean

As an entrepreneur or leader, there are bound to be times when you face adversity and challenges that seem insurmountable. Those are the times when you need to be a coffee bean – the times when you must transform the situation into something positive and beneficial. This blog post will explore the power of positive […]

Know Your Why


As human beings, we are all driven by something. Whether it’s a desire for success, a need for connection, or a passion for creativity, our motivations and driving forces are what shape us into the individuals we are today. But have you ever taken the time to truly understand what your driving force is? Have […]

Using Maslow’s Hierarchy to Lead Better Teams

maslows hierarchy

To fully understand your team’s capability, you need to assess each individual’s needs, priorities, and motivators. This fundamental approach is why Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, a basic concept in psychology, can be a valuable tool for you to lead your team better.

Honoring the Heroes in Our Hearts: A USA Memorial Day Tribute

memorial day

Every year, we have the opportunity to remember and pay tribute to the brave soldiers who have served our country and lost their lives in the line of duty. Memorial Day is more than just a three-day weekend, it’s a time to reflect and honor the ultimate sacrifice that our heroes have made for the […]