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Ditch the Emerald City: Why True Leaders Step Out From the Curtain

The Wizard of Oz may have been pulling levers and projecting smoke and mirrors, but that wouldn’t make him a very effective leader. In today’s dynamic world, the “man behind the curtain” approach simply doesn’t work.

True leaders understand that inspiration stems from visibility, trust from approachability, and connection from relatability. Just like Dorothy needed to see the Wizard face-to-face to gain courage, your team needs to experience you as a real, accessible human to truly follow and be motivated.

So, how do you shed the illusion and step out from the shadows? Here are 5 ways to BE more and become a leader your team can truly rally behind:

1. Open the Door: Embrace Transparency and Communication. No more smoke and mirrors! Share information openly and regularly, fostering an environment of trust and shared understanding. Encourage questions, answer honestly, and be upfront about challenges.

2. Walk the Yellow Brick Road: Get Down in the Trenches. Don’t just delegate and observe from afar. Be present with your team, understand their daily struggles and successes, and participate in the trenches alongside them. This builds empathy and shows you’re invested in their journey.

3. Embrace the Munchkins: Celebrate Diverse Voices. Don’t surround yourself with yes-men (or women). Value diverse perspectives and encourage open dialogue. Listen to and learn from everyone, regardless of their position or background.

4. Tin Man Up: Foster Growth and Development. Be an advocate for your team’s growth. Offer opportunities for learning, mentorship, and skill development. Invest in their success and watch them blossom into confident, capable individuals.

5. Show Your Heart: Share Your Humanity. True leaders connect on a human level. Don’t be afraid to share your own vulnerabilities, passions, and experiences. This fosters authenticity and creates a space for deeper connection.

Remember, leadership isn’t about pulling levers from behind the curtain. It’s about stepping out, engaging, and inspiring. Show your team the real you, be open to feedback, and be present in their journey. By embodying these principles, you’ll watch your team transform from wide-eyed Munchkins to confident lions, ready to take on any challenge!

Bonus Tip: Don’t underestimate the power of humor and fun! Just like Dorothy and her companions, a shared experience, a laugh, or a moment of levity can create lasting bonds and strengthen your team spirit.

So, are you ready to step out from the shadows and become the leader your team truly needs? Remember, there’s no place like “being more” for building trust, fostering passion, and achieving common goals. Click your ruby slippers and start your journey today!

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