Do You Know an Innovation Consultant?

Caution – The post today is a lighter side musing, hopefully for your enjoyment and to cause a smile.

A fairly new job title and career specialty has emerged in the past several years. The role is called Innovation Consultant. I mean no harm to anyone who makes a legitimate living selling and performing these services. But….

As a long time consultant myself, I can look in the mirror and chuckle a bit at the image below. You see, consultants ALWAYS need to find ways to differentiate themselves from the masses. There are some truly amazing advisers in the market that deliver high value consulting services to virtually all existing industries.

However, there remains the ever-present phenomenon that someone who has lost their job decides to hang out a shingle and call themselves a consultant. That’s not to say that some can and do effectively make the leap from employee to consultant (I consciously made that change 20 years ago), but it clouds the market thus making buyers beware.

Those of us who have fought the battles to provide meaningful services as actual consultants often struggle with the temptation to re-brand our services with some new, high visibility catch phrase. No doubt service and product differentiation is still the keep to marketing and sales success.

So enter the “Innovation Consultant”. I love it. Heck, maybe I am one myself, who knows?

Anyway, enjoy this lighthearted look at what was posted in a trade journal recently.

Top10 innovation

By the way, the source of this funny was from FutureLab Innovation Consulting, a firm founded by two, VERY credible business authorities, Jack Canfield and Tom Clarke. Check them out.

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