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Executive Change

Recent articles have indicated a slowdown in company growth, but fairly consistent earnings. What does this mean? One can argue that the teams in charge are holding their own. For leadership, this means the pace of executive turnover may flatten, but not without the individuals currently sitting in the seats being able to prove themselves with sustainable and repeatable performance.

For some this may be a problem. Why?

Maybe the Board wants a turnaround. Maybe there is a new product brand launch. The reasons can be vast. Often a special skill or talent is recruited to meet those needs. But once the goal is achieved or the event happens, the person who so successfully made it happen may not be equipped for running a business as usual mode. Conversely, an executive who has enjoyed a long tenured run may not be ready to handle a shift in course for the enterprise.

One option is for those leaders to seek assistance with making those changes in their approach or skill set.

Old dog new tricks anyone?

This can be accomplished by the careful selection of an executive coach. Coaching provides the analysis, assessments, and planning for making the necessary changes that come with corporate continuity or change. By using the services a coach can provide, executives can examine their style of leadership and management. Fresh ideas can be explored in the confines of a trusted, confidential relationship before releasing them to the greater world.