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Doug Thorpe Executive Coach


Executive Leadership Coaching

for Business Owners, Managers, and Executives

from a “been there, done that” Master Coach

What if your team accomplished much more because YOU became a better Leader?

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Business Owners and Executives are under intense pressure to perform both corporately and personally.

“It’s lonely at the top.”

Engaging an Executive Coach can create a private support mechanism to overcome these pressures.

Executive Coaching is not fluff. You want measurable and sustainable results obtained through the implementation of well-developed principles and programs.

The coaching I provide is designed for managers and executives working in companies with revenues in excess of $20 million. I help Owners and CEOs build more effective leadership teams.

Moving from manager to leader is a leap few understand. Even fewer do it well. I can fix that.

Whether you need help in the C-suite or the next several levels down the organization, I should be your coach. Together, we focus on growing dynamic, effective leadership for your organization. I have refined my own leadership principles and practices with real-time, hands-on experience right on the front lines of businesses of many types. 

“No one lives long enough to learn everything they need to learn starting from scratch. To be successful, we absolutely, positively have to find people who have already paid the price to learn the things that we need to learn to achieve our goals.”

— Brian Tracy

Decades of Leader Development

The breadth and  depth of Doug’s experience encompasses decades of leader development and learning.  His ability to articulate the succinct, and often simple, character traits that leaders must possess to be successful in whatever endeavor they are  pursuing is easily understood and effective.  The most important thing leaders can do is to develop other leaders. Doug’s skills in coaching, mentoring, and leading other leaders is superb and he has established a successful record of making a difference!

Louis W. (Bill) Weber, U.S Army Brig. Gen (Ret)

Business and Interpersonal Skills

I am so impressed by Doug Thorpe and the valuable service he provides. Watching him work, it is immediately clear that his broad array of business and interpersonal skills have come together beautifully to create an excellent product for those he serves. If you are looking for a coach to help you navigate the difficult waters of searching for new employment, Doug is definitely the person you should call!

Wes Avants, Executive Director, Physician Leadership Institute

Principled Leadership Style

I had the pleasure and was honored to work with Doug. The old adage,” you cannot be a leader if no one wants to follow”, comes to mind when I think of Doug. He confidently and successfully led a very large and challenging engagement. His principled leadership style garnered the respect and admiration of our client. Everyone looked to Doug for guidance, support, and leadership and he did not disappoint! His leadership was rivaled by none — extremely calm under pressure, fair but firm, authentic, with consistently excellent decision-making.

Nancy Mazzone, Senior VP Human Resources at Synovos

Event Speaker

My firm brought Doug in as a speaker for a group of professionals looking to make a career change. Doug is extremely knowledgeable, and his recommendations are practical and easy to understand. We received very positive feedback from the attendees. I would highly recommend Doug as a resource and a speaker.

Thomas Brown, RJ Capital

Servant Leader

Doug presents a unique blend of professional competence and servant leadership. He gathers talented people who share his values for excellence in the workplace. When the day is done and most have gone home Doug continues making the pieces fit into splendid results. He is a courageous person while making strategic decisions that affect successful results. It has been a privilege to serve together.

Gary Clark, Chaplain, Texas Children’s Hospital

Rich Experience

Doug is a versatile business leader and coach. He brings his rich experience and vast network of contacts to help those in need of counseling and leadership. His creation of the Job Ministry Southwest shows his dedication to improving the lives of others and providing the coaching to those in need of direction and skills in finding their next career opportunity.

Mehrdad Ghofraniha, PMP, PeroxyChem

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The Bio

Doug Thorpe has worked with a top-tier roster of clients, including numerous Fortune 500 companies and organizations of all sizes in a wide range of industries.

Doug uses a unique and extremely effective common sense based leadership approach designed to help people achieve their full potential while making a real difference in the world around them.

He combines his extensive personal and professional experience with a deep commitment to helping others—producing truly exceptional and successful outcomes.

As a LEADERSHIP COACH: He is an adviser to business leaders at all levels. He is a John Maxwell Team Certified Coach. His coaching methods include best practices from Marshall Goldsmith “Stakeholder Measurement”, Dr. Thomas Crane “The Heart of Coaching”, and portions of Doug Silsbee’s “Presence-Based Coaching” models.

As an AUTHOR: Doug has written hundreds of articles and columns for a variety of online media. He has appeared on numerous syndicated radio shows including ESPN Sports Talk and BizTalk Radio. He is also author of the book, The Uncommon Commodity: The Common Sense Guide for New Managers.

Mr. Thorpe’s specialties include:

  • Executive Leadership Coaching
  • Leadership Audits to Identify Development Needs
  • High Trust Team Building
  • Core Communication and Conflict Resolution
  • Leadership for Change and Company Transformation
  • Workshop Training and Facilitation
  • Faith-Based Personal Development

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The first time you are put in a Manager’s role, you wonder what just happened.
Even experienced Managers find themselves looking for answers as they move up the ladder.

In this book, I’ve taken my 25+ years of management and leadership experience, coaching hundreds of professionals, and give YOU some common sense ideas to use.

When a business needs a new manager, it is very often the highest performer, the biggest producer, or ‘smartest’ worker who gets chosen.

Moving from being the doer on the team to being the leader of the team is a big leap for most. Despite business school learning or practical on-the-job leadership lessons (like returning military), nothing is more sobering that meeting with your team for the first time after you are selected.

This change can be next to impossible to conquer.

“The Uncommon Commodity” answers the questions you need to know.