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Practical Business Coaching for the Busy C-Suite

Learn from a business coach who has been there and done that. Doug Thorpe is a master coach providing executive leadership guidance to managers and senior executives. Gain an upper hand on the competition and start growing the organization.

Build Competent and Confident Leaders

Moving from manager to leader is a leap few understand. Even fewer do it well.
I can help you fix that. Whether you need help in the C-Suite or the next several levels down the organization, your organization will benefit from my approach to coaching.

Together, we will focus on growing dynamic, effective leadership for your organization. You will have the opportunity to tap into my refined leadership principles and practices generated through real-time, hands-on experience on the front lines of many types of businesses.

“No one lives long enough to learn everything they need to learn starting from scratch. To be successful, we absolutely, positively have to find people who have already paid the price to learn the things that we need to learn to achieve our goals.” — Brian Tracy

Doug Thorpe: A Trusted Approach to Coaching

Corey Jones
Sr. Dir. PVH Corp
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I had the pleasure of working with Doug as my executive coach. His experience and thoughtful perspective was valuable in helping me think through my approach towards a few business challenges and personal goals. I enjoyed and appreciated the meaningful dialogue and support with Doug and would highly recommend him as an executive coach.
Erica Moore
Talent Development, UPS
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Doug’s ability to draw out real mindset shifts has been so incredibly impactful for me, both in the role I had while being coached, and in my new role. We focused conversation on the “why” of the behavior, and then made slight tweaks of behavior to develop better habits. I would absolutely recommend Doug for anyone looking to improve performance, capitalize on strengths, and drive results.
Justin Murphy
Sr. Manager ExxonMobil
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I highly recommend Doug’s coaching style and insights into leadership if you want to work on servant leadership. 2020 was a very tough year and I relied heavily on the techniques, tools and self-awareness that Doug provided through coaching. Thank you Doug!
Thomas Wood
Regional VP Operations, Brightview
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Doug is an incredibly effective Leadership Coach. I learned so much about my leadership style, but more importantly learned how I could take it to the next level. Doug provided me with numerous tools to use and what is amazing is even after our sessions had ended, he continued to check on me. The term Servant Leader applies to Doug. He is not only a practiced and accomplished leadership coach, but also helps you understand the psychology behind your style and how to improve.
Oliver Williams
EVP Risk Mgmt, Regions Bank
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Doug is an extremely gifted Leadership Coach, and he added tremendous value to our leadership program. Doug is thoughtful and inspiring, and challenges you to step out of your comfort zone to become a truly great leader. I enjoyed each session and will continue to take his advice and counsel with me on my leadership journey.
Johnnie Jordan
Talent and Development Leader
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Doug is a consummate professional and a great coach. He guided me in my career search by asking thought-provoking questions, providing excellent career advice, and sharing resources that aided me in my search. Doug was available and responsive throughout the process. As a result of his coaching, I was able to land a new role that I am truly excited about.
Louis Weber
US Army BG (Ret)
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The breadth and  depth of Doug’s experience encompasses decades of leader development and learning.  His ability to articulate the succinct, and often simple, character traits that leaders must possess to be successful in whatever endeavor they are  pursuing is easily understood and effective.  The most important thing leaders can do is to develop other leaders. Doug’s skills in coaching, mentoring, and leading other leaders is superb and he has established a successful record of making a difference!
Brian Morin
Business Unit Mgr, Avery Dennison
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Doug was able to provide insightful guidance and advice on key performance areas where I am attempting to improve. Working with Doug was a pleasure, and I learned things I was able to take back to my role and use each day. I am grateful for the time I was able to spend with Doug and would recommend!
Sandeepkumar Sant
Information Technology, Wells Fargo
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Doug asks the right questions and makes you think of your existing behaviors that might need fine tuning. He provides expert guidance based on his deep experience in and knowledge of all things related to leadership. I look forward to implementing strategies I learned from Doug and excited to see its impact on my career growth and leadership style.

Why Doug Thorpe for Executive Coaching

Doug Thorpe has worked with a top-tier roster of clients, including numerous Fortune 500 companies and organizations of all sizes in a wide range of industries.

Doug uses a unique and extremely effective common sense based leadership approach designed to help people achieve their full potential while making a real difference in the world around them.

He combines his extensive personal and professional experience with a deep commitment to helping others—producing truly exceptional and successful outcomes.

As a LEADERSHIP COACH: He is an adviser to business leaders at all levels. He is a John Maxwell Team Certified Coach. His coaching methods include best practices from Marshall Goldsmith “Stakeholder Measurement”, Dr. Thomas Crane “The Heart of Coaching”, and portions of Doug Silsbee’s “Presence-Based Coaching” models.

As an AUTHOR: Doug has written hundreds of articles and columns for a variety of online media. He has appeared on numerous syndicated radio shows including ESPN Sports Talk and BizTalk Radio. He is also author of the book, The Uncommon Commodity: The Common Sense Guide for New Managers.

As a Podcast Host: His show, “Leadership Powered by Common Sense” is among the top 5% of Apple business shows. The show ranks globally as well. It is available 3x per week and is syndicated on the IBGR.network affiliate network broadcasting in 185 countries.

Doug’s Coaching Specialties

  • Executive Leadership Coaching
  • Leadership Audits to Identify Development Needs
  • High Trust Team Building
  • Core Communication and Conflict Resolution
  • Leadership for Change and Company Transformation
  • Workshop Training and Facilitation
  • Faith-Based Personal Development

Our Assessment Tools Certifications

  • Hogan Suite
  • MPVI, HPI, HDs
  • Leadership Profilor
  • 16Personalities
  • MBTI
  • 360 Surveys

Get Ready for Transformation

It’s time to change the way your organization does business. Work with Doug to build more effective leaders and powerful team connections. Get started today!

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