Finding Purpose in this Life

It all started with “what do you want to be when you grow up?” Then dreams and hopes morph into some kind of reality.


Days, weeks, and years go by and the original excitement gives way to routine living. Then it happens. There is a realization that you are missing something. You ask the question, what is the purpose for my life?

Adolphus Coors IV once described the yearning in there questions:

  • Who am I?
  • Why am I here?
  • Where am I going?

[shareable cite=”Mark Twain”]“There are two big days in a person’s life: the day they were born and the day they figure out why.”[/shareable]

For all of my trips around the sun, I have watched countless friends and colleagues struggle with the definition of purpose in life. For some it’s not really a big deal, they just accept what there is and keep going. Others get paralyzed by the feeling of not knowing and somehow missing out.

Despite all of the gurus with self-help programs to lead you to some big revelation for finding life’s purpose, as for me, I’ve decided it all boils down to one simple truth.

[shareable cite=”Doug Thorpe”]Do you want to find purpose? Then make a difference right where you are.[/shareable]

I admit, my faith enters this discussion in a big way. It is the underlying foundation of my view on this topic.

You see, I believe God doesn’t make any mistakes. No, that’s all on me. While I make choices that interrupt what might otherwise be His perfect plan, He still knows why He put me here.

I have one physical body and cannot be two places at once. If I stay focused on being somewhere else, I cannot be effective right where I am now.

I have, as do you, a unique set of life experiences, that, if properly assessed and understood, give way to wisdom and experience that can benefit others. Others, who have not yet had experience, but need to know so that their way can be a brighter path.

Lastly, in God’s economy, He moves the deck chairs to be right where they should be. While you are going about living your life, handling your responsibilities, and working through your daily commitments, you are where you need to be. Every day you wake up in a particular situation, you are right where God needs you to be. Don’t waste the moment. Be alert for ways to contribute; right now, right where you are.

When I say contribute, I mean mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Be the source of energy and light right where you are.

Stop worrying about some bigger meaning or purpose. Seize the day –  Carpe Diem!

You want to find purpose? Make a difference right where you are!


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