The Finest Explainer Video Company Knows That Less is More

In my continuing series of guest posts, this week we look at ways that video can enhance your message. One common approach is to create the “explainer” video where you simply explain a service or program. Here is the article by my guest blogger AgainStudios.


Explainer videos or also known as explanatory videos are now being used by some of the most successful online brands of the world. What could be behind this hot trend? Well, it is because these videos are proven to be powerful tools for digital marketing that can be used for educating, informing and visually presenting your product or business easier and faster compared to written texts. And in this fast paced world, it could make a big difference between getting lost in the crowd or getting ahead.

When Less is More

That old adage of a picture painting a thousand words is as equally applicable to today’s animation world as it was for Helen of Troy many centuries before. The truth is, for the longest time, imagery has been recognized and accordingly used as a powerful tool for propaganda. Even the simplest of images can effectively portray colossal concepts to an extensive spectrum of individuals. This is something that content might find hard to achieve no matter how well written it was. The big plus is that explainer videos created by a trustworthy animated explainer video company can get plenty of information across in a matter of a few seconds, offering the best platform for business to get their message across effectively and quickly.

Cold and Hot

You are excused if you think that these explainer videos are just one those latest trends of today and will soon become cold potatoes tomorrow. In reality, the use of imagery, either moving or not, to get to the masses is by no means a new thing. The biggest change is that the newest advanced digital technology transformed the world of film and animation and made it accessible to the public. In fact, even the smallest businesses can already afford some air time. Videos are easy to share, with the web crammed with various social networks that are mostly free. For sure, you have seen and heard of viral videos. Come up with great videos and soon, your business will surely reach millions of people in weeks or days.

Strike the Perfect Balance

Technology is for sale and everyone can make the most out of it. Even teens and kids can use Photoshop these days. This could be the reason why many small businesses simply choose to create and design their own explainer videos. However, the main downside here is that without marketing and design experience, what you consider cute might not be cute in the eyes of an attentive audience. If you like to be sure that your explainer videos will be concise and clear, since less is more as mentioned above, you will need the help of a professional video company. Too short or too long, the balance should be a good one. if you don’t have any idea what you are doing, the video can turn out as nothing more than a glorified PowerPoint presentation.

Explainer videos are definitely a great way to quickly present key messages to your target audience.


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