First 100 Days

We’re on the eve of Mr. Obama’s first 100 days in office. Obviously, many things have transpired. Some great, some just Ok, other things leaving something to be desired. Gee….sounds sort of like DC as usual. We’re we really expecting more?

Don’t get me wrong; I am still a fan because he IS our President. I am totally behind the Office and I still have respect for the man, his family, and his approach to the duties. No, I never once thought he alone could fix it all. No one ever has apart from maybe Lincoln. His problems were a little steeper too.

But it does make me think of our own need to establish 100 day plans when things in our own life change. Take a new job for instance. Every new employee should establish a 100 day plan to engage their new employer and the new company team. Without it, you are certain to fail (or at least subject yourself to early elimination). With it, you increase your odds of success tremendously.

Make a plan. Work the plan. You are hired on skills and fired on behavior.

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