Gut-Checking Goals for Mid-Year Course Correction

How’s it going for 2017 so far? Have you met your goals? Are you tracking to positive results?

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Or have you stumbled out of the gate and never quite recovered? If so, what is holding you back? I am going to offer some simple two sided attributes for you to consider; a whole new alphabet to follow. There will be a coaching tip with each one.


Is your outlook on the world appealing to others? Or appalling? If events and circumstances have soured your view of the world, it’s time to turn that around. No one likes a buzz killer. When a team has momentum, that last thing they want to hear is all the negatives about the situation.

On the other hand, the person who has positive energy and can always seem “up” keeps things moving forward. When people around you count on your positive spin to give them a boost, you will be a sought out resource.

To fix the appalling Andy or Alice, dive deep and decide what is really the root cause of all that bad energy.

Don’t become a toxic spill in the world around you. Once you find the source of your sour attitude, work to resolve it. While you are working through things, be extra careful to measure your words. Think twice about what you want to say before you say it. Hopefully, there will be a turnaround.


When things don’t turn out as you hoped, how do you react? Do you become bitter or do you get better? Don’t let disappointments hold you back. Try to learn life lessons along the way. Perhaps the outcome failed because of a choice or action you can control. Make those setbacks count towards learning and growth.

Being able to grow as a leader is key to better success. Your failures should count for something positive. Study why things went wrong and use that knowledge to expand your awareness of what you need to do better the next time.

Above all, don’t let the fail define who you are. Chalk it up to experience and move forward.


Are your ideas creative or critical? The words you speak to those around you can set the tone. Constant criticism sucks the life out a team. Without any encouragement, people start to think “why bother”.

Alternatively, if your words are constructive and creative, fresh excitement can be shared. People will respond better.

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Dynamic may be a bit strong. I mean who is really dynamic all the time? Still, it represents a positive side of doing things. More energy, less frustration. Does your approach inspire action? Being dynamic represents a force of nature that can inspire those around you. It is influence.

Dynamite, in this sense, means blowing things up (figuratively of course). Do your actions undermine the effort of the team? Is there an explosive charge to your personality?

Watch for people’s reactions to your communication. If they flinch or flee, you may have lit the wrong fuse.


Are you a speaker of truth? Do your actions support the goals and standards that help others grow? Or do values die within your reach? This is a critical aspect of becoming an effective leader. To evangelize is to spread the word. As a leader you must over-communicate. You can never give enough information to those you lead. Yet when the information evaporates, they lose heart. The connection with the vision dies. The people will look for something else. Keep evangelizing your message.

If grumbling is your nature, then core values will erode. Rather it is important to be a champion for doing the right things. Stay centered on the message.


Explore these five attributes. Make a deep dive assessment of where you stand. If you really want to take a risk, ask your spouse or colleagues these 5 questions. Let them give you the report card.

For the areas where work is needed, focus on ways you can rise above the negative aspects of each one. Develop the more positive approach.

Your behavior is a learned one. Negative or positive; either avenue will only lead to more of the same. So why not choose to eliminate the bad side of each set of contrasting attributes and focus on the good.

You will feel better for it. Your team will respond more favorably. And loved ones will definitely sense the change.

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