Happy 2010

The first decade of the 21st  century is behind us. Whew. I don’t know about you, but this has been a wild ride for lots of reasons. When I was growing up, a wise man once told me “you need to learn from all your experiences; good or bad”. What shall I say about this decade? For all things that I, my family, and my colleagues have experienced, I see two prevailing truths.

First, God is in control. For the massive and wide spectrum of human emotion we have endured and experienced, there are no easy explanations for the question “why”? You can debate, argue, agree, or ignore, but the bottom line only one true and real conclusion. God is in control. Do some of the experiences suggest He is a mean or uncaring God? Absolutely not! Has He forgotten or forsaken some of us? Again, absolutely not. It is a strong and lasting faith in the God of Heaven that can sustain us in the circumstances of the day. I pray that everyone finds the comfort and hope for things to come in a faith in God.

Next, all of the changes and needs that are emerging in our society have been answered by individuals, neighbors, and entire communities coming together to help one another. Big government cannot do it. Large corporate cannot do it. It takes people working together. The only way these things can happen is through the fundamental renewal of one-on-one relationship building. Everyone must be willing to take a small step out of their own boxes to openly and objectively hear the next person. This is a bridge building exercise that cannot fail.

My hope for you is a blessed and happy new year. See you next year!


Doug T.


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