Happy Easter

Happy Easter 2022

There was this man who claimed to be the Son of God. He taught a TOTALLY new way to live and introduced us to a concept called Heaven, a different afterlife than Judaism taught.

He taught us that God is our Father and resides in Heaven, preparing it for us. He said that God wants a relationship with us and wants us to join him in Heaven. He said that the only way for us to get there is to believe in him. He did lots of good works and performed miracles, proving his claims of divinity.

Per his predictions, he was tortured and killed by the religious leaders of the day for upsetting their value system and calling them out. He used words like hypocrite, blind guides, fools, and brood of vipers in describing their teachings and categorically discounted just about every piece of former doctrine including diet, the synagogue, cleanliness, the Sabbath, and so on.

He also mocked their claims to Abraham, THE central figure and cornerstone of their belief system. Probably fearing a rebellion against their beliefs or righteous indignation of being offended by his heretical teachings, they killed him.

Also as predicted, he came back to life three days after his death and spent the next 40 days showing himself to the general public, before departing for heaven himself.

Our choice today is simple. Believe that Jesus was who he said he was and follow his commands, teachings, and examples….

OR believe that Jesus was the greatest religious fraud of all time.

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

Christianity in less than 200 words. Love you guys.

Happy Easter

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