Happy Thanksgiving

As we rapidly approach the Thanksgiving celebration, families are already on the road or in the air traveling to various rendezvous points. Some times these gatherings represent long lost relationships being restored or they may just be a good time to meet again. Food, football, fun, and joyous excitement can abound.

For some though, the holidays represent a sad time. These days become a solemn reflection on loved ones gone forever, or of broken relationships that seemingly never will mend. For others, these days, especially 2009, means a reminder of what once was, but is now gone due to job loss or other economic trouble.

But to all I challenge you to consider setting aside some time to truly celebrate. Celebrate those you love who ARE near. Celebrate the blessings you DO have, however small they might be this year. Celebrate the victories that HAVE come true. Think not about what is not, but think about what IS.

Above all, thank God for who He is. You may not understand or agree with the circumstance you find yourself enduring right now, but you can celebrate a living and loving God who wants only the best for you and yours.

Psalms 95.

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