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We all face serious challenges managing our companies/teams and pursuing our careers. Most of us do not have the benefit of a personal board of directors, who can give us impartial and candid feedback, and help us sort out our thoughts.

The Headway Mastermind is an open-minded and encouraging environment, to discuss your frustrations, challenges, ideas, and aspirations, with your peers. Some know these groups as roundtables.

Several times a year I open the doors to organize new Headway Masterminds. The forums are groups of business people like you who want to learn from others and share ideas. Some people think of these as Mastermind Groups.

Napoleon Hill wrote about the mastermind group principle as:

“The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.”

Others think of these as peer group management sessions. Still others count the group as an informal board of directors. Either way it is a way for you to connect outside of your immediate business setting.


Leadership attraction

Join a Group

By joining one of the Headway Mastermind groups, you will participate in lively discussions. Each session opens with thought-provoking ideas for improving leadership or finding solutions to problems. Of course, we will do follow-ups for matters shared in prior meetings.

The meetings are held once per month, usually in the second week of the month. In addition to being a part of the group dynamic, I provide each member with a private coaching session each month at a time we can agree as mutually beneficial.

PAIN Points

Topics discussed may include:

Business Issues

  • Ensuring your business model is well developed
  • Analyzing your sales and marketing strategies
  • Exploring ways to increase your operational efficiency
  • Enhancing your team productivity
  • Measuring your business and personal performance
  • Recruiting and retaining your talent
  • Managing your business risk and market volatility
  • Enhancing your “customer stickiness.” Loyalty is passe.

Career Issues

  • Your career aspirations and plan
  • Enhancing your productivity
  • Helping you become more effective
  • Helping you become a great leader
  • Your current office challenges
  • Helping you understand your bosses and please them

Helping you form better relationships with your colleagues

Call to Action

If you feel alone in your effort to manager your team or lead your company, this group is for you. It will open opportunities to have questions answered and new ideas explored.

Pricing Information

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