If the Phone Doesn’t Ring It’s Me

Jimmy Buffet wrote some great lyrics with this theme. While he was trying to entertain, there is a more divine message here for those who look to God and trust in His ways. Often we struggle each day for direction, purpose, and meaning. Things happening around us do not always make much sense. In the storm we reach out and ask God ‘why’? Yet so many times, He seems like He’s not there because we do not sense a specific answer to our pleas.

However, the thing we may count as a lack of response is merely God watching and waiting. You see, He is always there. He knows every ounce of trouble you sense and feel. He allows those moments to be used for greater good. He is refining us in these times of challenge and trial. We are promised He will never allow more than we can handle. He knows each one of us and faithfully protects us even when we cannot hear His response.

If you are one who has cried out recently, just know and imagine God’s loving voice saying “if the phone doesn’t ring, it’s Me.”

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