How To Increase Your Work Focus

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Goals need to be clear and solid. Rather than setting the aim of putting in a certain amount of hours work a day, make yourself a priority list for the whole week. Such a goal cuts down on getting distracted by anything and everything. At the start of each day set aside time to review your priority list, then decide what you can reasonably accomplish within the next 24 hours. Don’t be vague. Remember goals should be clear and solid, so aim for something like, ‘Today I’ll get the first two points struck-off the list’.

Set work sessions to 60-90 minute periods:

When we start to work we tend to be bright and alert, but as the time goes by this starts to fade, meaning we are prime targets to any passing distraction. Don’t leave it to chance, instead set your timer to buzz at the end of each work session. Once you hear the buzz, it’s time to take a break, before starting the next work session. Use your short break to take a walk, get a bite of lunch, or listen to some music.


Better food:

Eating better and knowing what you’re eating can make all the difference to how you feel and your level of concentration in the work place. Taking supplements with B vitamins and oils such as fish can really help entrepreneurs to stay focused.

Take a break from the world:

The world is a minefield of distractions. If you really want to avoid distractions, then you need to avoid the world! Co-workers, emails, phone calls; they are all included. Whether you need to have lock-down in your office, book a meeting room, or find another hideout, getting a quiet place to work is vital. If there are a few urgent messages that you need to care for immediately, then set something up to receive only these messages. By the way, when we say, ‘urgent messages’, we’re not talking about what time your co-workers are heading out for drinks!

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Set Aside Time For Distractions:

Not all distractions are enemies to work performance. It’s just that you need to know how to work them to your advantage. Firstly, think about distractions that bring you benefit, things like getting in a work-out or catching up with friends. If you are a social media fan, then schedule a set time to spend time online, but make sure you are strict about sticking to the time frame. The key is always saying to yourself, ‘I am the boss, not my distractions’.

Avoiding Distraction Is An Art That Needs Practice: If you really want to master the art, meditation could be the key; just you and your mind to avoid distraction. If meditation doesn’t tickle your fancy, then consider committing to a single-task day. At lunchtime, you have one task; eat! Don’t surf the net, reply to emails or post on your social media page. During meetings don’t mess with your phone or create modern art on your meeting notebook.

Tune In To Yourself:

Pay attention to what distracts you, and how it does so. What led up to your moment of distraction? Were you getting tired, feeling hungry or not engaging with your work? Once you have tuned into what triggers your distraction, you’ll be able to act quickly and avoid allowing the distraction to control you.


These are great, easy to remember tips for keeping focus at work and in life. If you have other ideas that work well for you, please share by commenting below. Also, you may enjoy this post from a previous date; “Are You Managing Your World?“.

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