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Doug Thorpe is the creator of the popular blog and podcast series

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He has worked with hundreds of leaders in companies of all sizes across dozens of industries, raising stakeholder value, improving leadership effectiveness, and building stronger teams.

His down-to-earth approach to the complex business issues of today provides refreshing ideas and better clarity for Leaders wanting to be more and do more.

Here's why I believe in coaching and mentoring.

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How to Avoid Having a Frozen Middle in Your Company

In today’s ever-increasing complexity of business, companies of all sizes are developing frozen middles. Here’s how to avoid that. Share this:Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to …

Breaking a Cycle: Familiar Captivity Versus Unfamiliar Freedom

Have you ever realized that something you are doing is a recurring cycle of very unproductive behavior, thought or effort? Perhaps it’s a job, a relationship, a habit, or worse, …