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From Spark to Flame: Keeping Your Business Hot While It Scales

scale up in business

Overcoming Challenges as Your Business Scales As any entrepreneur knows, building momentum is exhilarating! But riding that wave of success isn’t without its challenges. Here are some of the biggest hurdles you might face and how to navigate them: 1. Scaling Without Sacrificing Quality: 2. Maintaining Agility in a Growing Organization: 3. Keeping the Team […]

Selling (or Buying) a Business? Navigating the Maze of Business Brokerage

So, you’re at a crossroads. Maybe you’ve built a thriving business and are ready to cash in. Or perhaps you’re an entrepreneur hungry for your first bite of the apple. In either case, the world of business brokerage beckons, promising smooth sailing towards your destination. But is it all smooth seas and champagne wishes? Let’s […]

Deck the Halls with Digital Baubles: How Christmas Has Gone From Hearth to Hashtag

The scent of pine needles dances on the crisp December air, carols jingle from unseen speakers, and twinkly lights paint the houses in a festive kaleidoscope. Christmas, that most magical time of year, is upon us once again. But beneath the glossy wrapping paper and the cheerful bustle, a quiet question stirs: has the way […]

Holiday Heartburn: When Festive Cheer Hits Emotional Turbulence

Ah, the holidays. Fairy lights twinkle, sugar plum fairies dance, and carols fill the air. Yet, beneath the shimmering veneer of joyous expectation, lurks an undeniable truth: the holidays can be an emotional rollercoaster, plunging us into unexpected valleys of sadness, anxiety, and even anger. Before you feel like Scrooge in a sea of Santas, […]

Unmasking the Saboteurs Within: Identifying and Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

limiting beliefs

Have you ever dreamt of something big, a goal burning bright, only to have a little voice whisper, “Not for you,” snuffing out that flame before it could flicker? Chances are, you’ve encountered a limiting belief – a sneaky internal thought that acts as a mental roadblock, preventing us from reaching our full potential. What […]

Making Things Bigger Than They Really Are

Chicken Little courtesy Disney Corp

Do you sometimes make things bigger than they really are? Managers and leaders need to be on watch for overstating what is going on. More importantly, they need to throttle their internal reaction to the things around them. The great social activist Chicken Little was quoted as saying “The sky is falling” when he had […]

Leadership Playlist Built by Experience

Great Play List

I like a good play list as much as the next guy. Tunes I pay attention to are ones that have grown in my heart and mind over the years. Artists who hit a particular chord with me stay on my list a long time. I don’t shuffle all that often. However, I am open […]

Volume vs. Value: The Constant Balancing Act We Face in Our Work

volume vs value

In the fast-paced, results-driven world we live in, it’s easy to fall into the trap of prioritizing quantity over quality. We get caught up in the churn of generating outputs, ticking tasks off our lists, and chasing deadlines, often losing sight of the true value we’re creating in the process. This struggle between volume and […]

The Biggest Changes in Executive Coaching Since COVID

virtual coaching

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about significant changes in the world of executive coaching, transforming the way coaches interact with their clients and influencing the overall scope of coaching services. Here are some of the most notable changes that have emerged since the pandemic: Conclusion In conclusion, the COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped the landscape of […]

The Art of Management Run Businesses: A Comprehensive Guide

leadership wins

In the dynamic and ever-evolving world of business, management plays a pivotal role in determining the success or failure of an organization. Management-run businesses, where a team of experienced and qualified professionals oversees operations, have emerged as a prevalent and effective model for achieving organizational goals. This article delves into the intricacies of management-run businesses, […]