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It’s HOT Here

OK maybe global warming is on the rebound. At least in the greater Houston area, we are experiencing hotter than usual days with no rain whatsoever. As we say here in Texas, “even the jackrabbits are carrying canteens”.

I’ve been trying to act like none of this is happening though. I’ve been doing yard work (fired the yard guy to save a penny), playing golf in sunlight (more like the heat lamp at a fast food joint), and otherwise moving about despite the record high temperatures. Yes, I’ve lost a few pounds doing so, maybe even over-metabolized some vital organs, who knows. But it makes for a challenging aspect of these latest days.

Living in denial of this heat is sort of like saying the financial crisis is really not happening in the US. But the question is what can one person really do about it? Obviously our elected leaders think they have some ideas. Ok really? Maybe we can turn them loose on the whole global warming thing once they mop up this fiscal spill on aisle three. At least that what seems to be the approach; “let’s mop a little here, and a little more over there”. Oh yeah and “spade ready” is important too. Last time I heard the idea of spade ready was when my old dog died. Is that where the country is today?

I don’t think so. My friends are trying to be resilient, faithful, and hopeful. Kind of like enduring a blistering heat wave. Keep drinking the water and take a few showers to cool off now and then. Otherwise keep doing what you have to do. It takes too much energy to complain. I choose to keep pushing ahead, heat and all.

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