Job Search Rollercoasters

People between jobs face a daily rollercoaster of emotion, energy, and challenge. So how do you find balance in the ups and downs? Here are a few tips: 

First, have a plan. As in all good planning, you will uncover and define expectations. Know that there will be days of “no” between the days of hearing “yes”. If your plan has contingencies for the process of landing a new job, then you will have accounted for the low points in the journey. This should serve to take some of the sting out of the less than positive news you hear from day to day.

Next, get connected. Do not make this journey alone. Find a job search buddy (or several) to share the walk. Stay in touch. Help each other set daily and weekly goals so you can make real progress. Then hold each other accountable for those goals.

Allow yourself occasional breaks from the grind of finding a new job. Of course you might not afford a trip somewhere, but take the weekend off to do something with family or friends. Stay with a hobby you love. Read books or magazines. Allow your brain to shift into other modes so that the cycle of job searching can rejuvenate.

Last, maintain your health both physically and spiritually. The stress of job loss can weigh heavily on your body and your mind. Create a system for maintaining your physical health via exercise and other stress relieving solutions. Connect with God, following whatever faith based teaching you choose. Re-join your local faith family and reach out to help others. You will be amazed at the stress release that comes from stepping out of your “stuff” and focusing some energy on helping others.

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