leadership mash-up

Here’s a Great Mash-Up of Ideas for Better Leadership

In recent posts, I’ve explored two great themes that have received a lot of attention on social media. Leaders and managers can benefit from both ideas. Today, we’re going to do a mash-up of the two.

frozen middle image

How to Avoid Having a Frozen Middle in Your Company

In today’s ever-increasing complexity of business, companies of all sizes are developing frozen middles. Here’s how to avoid that.

Breaking a Cycle: Familiar Captivity Versus Unfamiliar Freedom

Have you ever realized that something you are doing is a recurring cycle of very unproductive behavior, thought or effort? Perhaps it’s a job, a relationship, a habit, or worse, …

exploding head

This Makes My Head Explode

There is a conversation that happens all too often when I speak with business owners. It’s a talk that makes my head explode! It goes something like this. I’m usually …

business leaders

Adversity and Leadership-Are Leaders Born or Made?

‘Are leaders born or made?’ is a question often asked whenever there is any debate regarding leadership. Seeing the examples around us, of people coming from humble backgrounds and see …

My seat on the bus

Here’s the View from My Seat on the Bus

Managers at various levels struggle with common issues. Regardless of the industry where you serve, leadership challenges are very similar. There are some common themes I see played out time …

sts-121 crew in flight

Silver Fox Advisors – Lunch & Learn Jan 23

Attention Houston area business leaders, the Silver Fox Advisors is hosting its monthly Lunch & Learn program. This month features NASA Astronaut Col. Michael E. Fossum, USAFR. Michael E. Fossum …