Embracing Risk: What is Your Risk Appetite?


Leading a business involves risk. For some of us, just getting out of bed each day seems like a risk. For others, they can’t get enough of it. Being a risk taker is on the high end of the scale for entrepreneurs and visionaries. Our business culture is full of stories about famous risk-takers. Yet […]

How to Overcome Tough Circumstances


Everyone has a story. Life is hard (sometimes). We all experience something in life that makes it hard. In addition, if you look around, you will find stories everywhere of how people overcame a gutwrenching circumstance to emerge victorious, coming out the other side. Health concerns, emotional and physical abuse, poverty, poor education, bankruptcy, and […]

Leaders: Are You a 2023 Contender or a Pretender?


If your desire is to be a better manager at work, at home, or in the community, you may want to develop some actual leadership skills. However, if you are already following certain leadership principles, there is always room for lifting the lid to expand your reach and influence. After many years of working with […]

Running a Business – Cover Your Bases

For those who have ventured into owning a business, good luck! I mean that seriously, not facetiously. It takes a special person to commit to becoming a successful entrepreneur. There are just so many darn details that can overwhelm you. And, once you get past the start-up phase, you turn to a growth phase. Then […]

When You Lose, Are You Bitter or Better?

bitter or better

Here’s the scenario: life throws you a curve ball. Things don’t go your way. You suffer an embarrassing moment in front of colleagues, your spouse or your kids. You lose the deal, the game, the promotion, or the moment. The other guy wins. You failed. What are your responses? Yes, I believe there is more […]

Knowing When It’s Time to Sell Your Business

for sale

Is it time to put your company up for sale? Whether you’re just assessing the health of the market and your operation or you’re actively looking to make a sale and retire or move on to other ventures, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind. Doug Thorpe shares a few here. Assess […]

10 Things I learned About Life and Business from a Single Mom

I was raised as the only child of a hard working single Mom. In my formative years, she taught me so much about life and business. Truthfully, I didn’t know that’s what I was learning until the day came for me to enter the business world. Then, moment by moment, as the tests and trials […]

Be SMART About Your Goal Setting

SMART goal setting for new year

Whether you’re interested in goal setting tips for you, your business, or to gain a deeper understanding of goal setting to help your clients, this SMART goal setting & Action Planning GUIDE can help.

Leaders: There’s a New Way to Understand Change

managing change

Author’s NOTE: I wrote the first version of this article in 2018 – a full 2 years BEFORE the whole world locked down and faced the COVID-19 pandemic. Business has not been the same since. At a recent luncheon, I was involved in a discussion that I find becoming more common. The topic was this: […]

Put the Spinach in the Brownie


Raising kids is one of life’s big moments (lots of them). Anyone who has been a parent knows that we want our kids to eat healthy food. But the best foods for proper nourishment and vitamins are not always the most appealing. Or fun to eat. Take broccoli and spinach for example. What kid really […]