LinkedIn Has Changed – Are You Up To Speed?

The LinkedIn system has changed. There are new ways to use the database and the networking tools. Join other professionals for an informative and practical half-day, hands-on workshop to learn more about LinkedIn. ‘Click here for more info’

Rip This Page from Mike Leach’s Book

The media may turn Mike Leach into the latest poster child for alleged on-the-job behavioral defects, but do not be fooled to think he is alone. There is an old adage among HR professionals that says “You are hired on skills, but fired on behavior.” Maybe we all need to revisit this idea.

Flying With the Lord

… we are well prepared. Yet as moments of darkness envelope the journey we have chosen, how often do we find ourselves panicked? Thoughts of fear and doubt shroud our existence. We often think about turning around to some safety we believe is behind us.

2009 Year End CloseOut

As 2009 comes to an end, people in job transition are still facing big challenges. Now is the time to do a year end closeout just like a company or an accountant might do. Here’s how: Take out all correspondence journals, logs, email records etc. Review the content and the contacts. […]

Are You a Go-Giver?

Are you familiar with this term? It comes from a great little parable in book form written by Bob Burg and John David Mann. In this story the writers tell of five key principles that define a “go-giver”. With so much buzz about networking for new business, networking for your […]

Choices: Wise or Foolish?

It’s funny to me how when all is said and done, life’s outcomes are a function of the choices we make. As soon as your feet hit the floor each morning, every new day becomes a series of choices. Most of the selections we can make have little or no […]

Happy Thanksgiving

As we rapidly approach the Thanksgiving celebration, families are already on the road or in the air traveling to various rendezvous points. Some times these gatherings represent long lost relationships being restored or they may just be a good time to meet again. Food, football, fun, and joyous excitement can […]

Xerox – Let’s Say Thanks

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This is a Football…

 The story is now legend of Vince Lombardi’s first practice session after his team suffered a significant loss. Players and coaches were wondering what area of their team would become the focus of the practice. Would it be the defense, the offense, running, passing or kicking? No, Lombardi said they […]