Leadership LIVE! 2023

Yesterday marked the start of a new program I am offering. I call it Leadership LIVE! It is a one-hour workshop, totally free to attend.

During the workshop, I and a special guest will be talking about hot topics in business and management. If you join in, we’ll take questions and do some on-the-spot coaching to help you with the issue or idea you have.

Again, it is free to attend, but you must pre-register. You can use the QR code below or click the button.

In yesterday’s session, my guest was Rich Hall. Rich is a fellow Houston area coach and colleague. We covered these three topics:

  • Making new year resolutions that stick (or not)
  • Dealing with uncertainty in the economic forecast
  • Supporting work-life harmony for your team
  • Plus a short discussion about managing generational biases



Watch the video:

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