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5 Strategies to Make Employees More Productive and Engaged

This is a recent post by a good friend and fellow coach, Mike Lejeune. Mike is a senior HR professional who has coached and mentored hundreds of key officers across… Read more »

Why Being the Office BFF Doesn’t Work – And What to Do About It

New managers often struggle with old relationships at work. I was doing a consulting assignment at a large international engineering firm. I was leading a group of first time managers through… Read more »

5 Mistakes Most New Managers Make – And How to Avoid Them

For anyone who is now working in their first-ever management role, you know things can be tough. No doubt you have already made a few mistakes (at least YOU think… Read more »

Attention First Time Leaders!

There will likely never be another moment in your career to match the day you take on your first leadership challenge. That moment sinks in when YOU have been put into… Read more »

Can You Ever Have Too Much Quality?

You have it. I have it. That ever-changing contact list. Regardless of what tool or app you use, names and contact info keeps changing. Besides just keeping up with new… Read more »

Is One the Loneliest Number?

Launching a new business idea can be tough. So can being given a new leadership role as a supervisor or manager for the first time. If you are new to… Read more »

Management 101 – People Can Be a Pain

In business we talk a bunch about bad bosses. We all have stories of truly awful people we have had to work for at one time or another. The reasons… Read more »

Goal Setting – Moving the Chains

Sports metaphors can get tiring, I know that. However, there is one analogy  I can never get past when I think about making progress toward a goal. That phrase is… Read more »

Is it Already Time for 2016?

Big business often spends time in the Fall making budgets and plans for the next year. In my early days of banking, the place where I worked counted budget season… Read more »

Leadership and Imagination

Some of the most challenging leadership moments I have known required a keen imagination. I like how Mark Twain couched it. [perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”#d98310″ class=”” size=””]You can’t… Read more »