LinkedIn Unveils the Next Wave:

Last month LinkedIn unveiled its Next Wave list.

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The first list in the series focuses on the LinkedIn Next Wave, which spotlights the top 150 professionals across 15 industries — all 35 and under. Like all of LinkedIn’s content efforts, the Next Wave derived from a partnership between editors and algorithms: How can the data help find the leaders you may not know about — but should. We also asked LinkedIn Influencers, ~500 top minds in business who write and share on LinkedIn, for their recommendations.

There are an impressive variety and range of backgrounds within the LinkedIn Next Wave honorees. Some interesting trends came out of this list:

  • Forget the Ivy’s. More than 80% of the listees didn’t go to an Ivy League university for undergrad and only 15% earned a M.B.A.
  • The Next Wavers do more than just their day jobs. They are 25% more active in charities, boards and advisor roles than the average LinkedIn member.
  • Spanning 22 cities across the U.S. Next Wave honorees are based in a range of cities across the U.S., from San Francisco to New York and Atlanta to Columbus.

Clearly, business continues to evolve. As new talent enters the mainstream workforce, their view of structure, interaction, and outcomes will shape the future. Business leaders at all levels should take note.

Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Does your company’s culture embrace new ideas very well?
  • Can you attract new talent who bring different views? (Do you even want to?)
  • What plans have been made in the past 24 months to handle the changing workforce?
  • Are your succession plans including the best and brightest of the new breed?

Read the full article from LinkedIn by clicking here.

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